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Zeblok’s Ai Edge Computing Solution with Intel and American Tower at Mobile World Congress – PR Newswire

NEW YORK, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zeblok Computational announces their participation in Intel’s Build for Wonderful at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year thought leaders in Edge computing have come together to discuss the future of networked smart technology and the challenges facing the information technology industry. It is estimated there will be over one trillion networked edge devices by 2035, increasing the need for IT infrastructure to support and manage these devices in non-traditional data centers. Each year, the largest brands in technology gather at MWC to address these challenges and collaborate on solutions. With smart cities, surveillance technology, autonomous vehicles, and smart retail expanding rapidly into networked IoT environments, these IT challenges are greater than ever.

Zeblok Computational discusses their solution at this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress, the largest annual exhibition and conference dedicated to the mobile industry.  The GSMA represents the mobile industry to governments and institutions where it advocates policy and regulatory positions on behalf of its members. Its stated goals in this area are to ensure that mobile telecoms “policy and regulatory frameworks are fair, flexible and future-proof”; that radio spectrum is made available for mobile services “in a timely and fair manner”; and to promote the use of mobile services in emerging markets.  Markets like fintech, autonomous vehicle operation, manufacturing, healthcare, 5G, internet of everything, and advanced Ai.  With over 1,200 members and a focus on future IT networks, Zeblok is excited to launch and discuss the benefits of its revolutionary Ai-MicroCloud™ solution with the GSMA community.

Intel’s Build for Wonderful event at MWC includes Rakuten, Verizon, Ericsson, BT, American Tower and Zeblok. In a fireside chat with Intel and American Tower, Zeblok discusses the launch of its revolutionary Ai-MicroCloud™ which solves these future IT challenges, particularly from an Ai ecosystem perspective. Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ solution dramatically simplifies the challenges IT professionals face in scaling Edge data centers and provides easy management of software for delivering artificial intelligence applications on a wide array of hardware. This enables deployment of Ai software and hardware to function seamlessly, and drastically reduces the time and money spent on deploying, scaling, and managing current deployments.

“Zeblok Ai-MicroCloud™ provides a turnkey orchestration and an abstraction layer, including multi-cloud and bare metal configurations, making it easy for ISV developers to use Intel OpenVINO™ optimization tools for Ai model serving technologies that enable rapid scaling at the Edge.”

– Matthew Formica, Senior Director, Ai Inference (OpenVINO) Developer Platform Product Marketing, Intel Corporation

Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ was designed to integrate intuitive developer workflows making it easy to use Intel’s OpenVINO optimizations for a variety of Ai applications. With Zeblok enabling flexible deployments of IT infrastructure, Ai-MicroCloud™ securely serves OpenVINO optimizations at scale to Edge data centers. New features include easily integrating Ai from software vendors (ISVs), rapidly curating Ai digital assets and efficiently solving software distribution problems for Edge Ai applications. Therefore, Zeblok Computational empowers network providers to more efficiently scale future-focused Edge networks.

Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ is designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Technology Manufacturers (OEMs), Cloud Service Providers, Information Technology (IT), and Managed Solution Providers. 

“By enabling full lifecycle management for Edge Ai applications, from design to support, we radically lower cost per insight for data-centric organizations looking for hybrid cloud to Edge deployments.” – Mouli Narayanan, Founder & CEO Zeblok Computational

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