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Worldsensing launches remote vibration monitoring device

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Worldsensing has launched its newest wireless sensor, the Vibration Meter. The device uses a tri-axial accelerometer to measure vibrations, with a longer battery life, wider communications range, and more competitive price point than comparable products.

Vibration Meter is designed to help engineering companies comply with building integrity regulations like the German DIN 4140-3 standard, British BS 7385-2, and ISO 2631-2 on the effects of vibrations on people.

The release of the sensor comes at a time of increased regulatory scrutiny of industries that produce high-vibration activities, like construction, mining, and off-highway operations. There has been a shift towards protecting building stability and the comfort of communities near construction sites.

Andrea Bartoli, Chief Technology Officer at Worldsensing, said:

“With extreme weather events emerging globally, it’s imperative that community infrastructure maintains its structural integrity. Our vibration device is a big step towards increased protection.

The heightened monitoring of vibrations will allow the engineering community to also commit to protecting the environment and local communities through their development projects.”

The Vibration Meter uses an advanced algorithm to detect threshold breaches of parameters like Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) and vibration frequency. It continuously gathers data on-site at 1000MHz, which is communicated via a cellular gateway to engineering providers’ management tools. It taps into Worldsensing’s Long Range (LoRa) 15km antenna for compatibility with other company devices.

With a user-replaceable D-size battery, the Vibration Meter lasts up to 2 years at a 30-minute reporting cycle. It functions from -40°C to 80°C and is optimised for all weather conditions.

Worldsensing already has over 3,000 deployed networks and 170,000 active monitoring devices enabling real-time data acquisition globally. The Vibration Meter expands its portfolio for industrial vibration monitoring needs.

(Image Credit: Worldsensing)

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