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WordPress As An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution – A Short Guide


WordPress As An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution - A Short Guide

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions help businesses of all sizes manage their daily business operations. First used in the 1990s, ERP systems have solidified their place in modern companies. This article will walk you through how to use ERP solutions on your WordPress site.

Why Your Business Needs an ERP WordPress Tool

Business management is no easy task. In fact, employee management is one of the hardest jobs a business owner can do. Any company that wants to recruit the right talent, care for its employees, and provide personalized feedback could benefit from adopting an ERP solution.

But the best ERPs do much more than support your employees via an HR module. Specific tools can offer your website a CRM and accounting model, making tasks like lead generation and payment a breeze. And with the right integrations, companies can use these tools to create a paystub, automate emails, manage attendance, support payment gateways, and more.

Here are some more great reasons to adopt an ERP WordPress tool:

  • Meet Customer Demands
  • Streamline the Automation Process
  • More Efficiency and Fewer Errors
  • Increased Collaboration and Productivity
  • Improved Information Management
  • Better Inventory Monitoring
  • Time and Money Savings

However, to receive these benefits, you need to find the right tool. There are plenty to choose from, but we think that one ERP solution reigns supreme for nearly any industry.

The Best ERP Solutions for Your WordPress Site

When we think of digital transformation, we envision tech that creates value and is deployable at a scale. The following ERP solutions do just that: they help your business grow continuously.

Here are 8 solutions we think will work well with your business:

  • WR ERP
  • Bitrix24
  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Business Cloud Essentials
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Tally.ERP 9

Out of these solutions, we think WR ERP is the best. In the next section, we’ll explain why.

Why WP ERP is the Best WordPress Solution

WP ERP provides websites with three separate modules: Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Customer Relationship Management Modules. Not only that, but WP ERP connects to 23 extensions that can handle business tasks not included in the basic version.

And while it isn’t the most powerful solution you can find, its features are incredible, considering it’s 100% free. It’s also the oldest solution around, so it’s widely trusted by business owners.

Here’s a breakdown of its features per module:

  • Human Resource Management: Employers can search employees, departments, and designations and check daily announcements. They can also check leave calendars.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Employers can check customers, leads, opportunities, and subscribers from all companies. They can also check schedules.
  • Accounting and Payroll: Employers can track their expenses, see their expense breakdown, and view sales transactions. They can also check their balance.

As mentioned, WP ERP comes with a whole host of extensions you can use. These extensions fit right in with the WP ERP dashboard, so you don’t have to leave it to do something else.

Here are a few extensions we think you should add:

  • Email Automation: To create, monitor, and automate email campaigns
  • Payment Gateways: To offer support for payment gateways for Stripe or PayPal
  • Attendance Management: To track employee attendance and time off
  • Document Management: To store and track necessary documents
  • Inventory Management: To purchase and track business inventory
  • Workflow Management: To create and track necessary workflows
  • WooCommerce Integration: To connect WordPress to your eCommerce store

There are plenty of other integrations, so shop around for the ones you need.

In Conclusion

Adopting an ERP solution on and for your WordPress website has many benefits, all of which help your business scale. With that said, you need to have the right solution to maximize their benefits. WP ERP is considered that solution, regardless of your industry or business model.

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