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Why More Startups Are Leaning on AWS


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As a new startup, you have to be mindful about the technological solutions that you invest in. You have a limited budget, so you need to get the most bang for your buck.

One of the best technology providers on the market is AWS. AWS is a cloud service that has been growing at a pace of around 37% a quarter. Part of this is due to the huge number of companies that realize AWS is an ideal service.

You don’t even need to pay a ton of money to have an expert manage AWS for you. You can do it yourself if you take an AWS technical essentials course and quickly learn one of the top IT skills.

Amazon Web Services is, for those less versed in the subject, a massive structure of Amazon services (there are more than 50 of these at the moment) that allow any company to be able to start a project in the cloud with the least amount of resources in the shortest possible period of time.

Now, what kind of resources are we talking about and how does Amazon Web Services represent a qualitative leap for my company? Is AWS what you need? Here are a few compelling reasons why many new startups trust the platform to offer the solutions that they require.

Simplicity is a flagship in the AWS console

AWS (which announced machine learning services in 2020) offers an interface with which the user feels comfortable from the start, with a friendly design not only for the purest IT profiles, but for any member of our project. It is possible to start with a free plan (up to 12 months), explore the possibilities and once adapted to the platform, make the leap to a premium plan, paying only for the services required at any given time.

With an image similar to the one used by Amazon in its marketplace, the menu will be familiar to anyone who has made a purchase through the American giant. It is one of the services that has drawn more people into hot technology careers.

In short, it is a very simple platform to manage for any company. AWS also has a very small learning curve. You will realize that all of the links in the chain of your company are able to deal with the interface in a simple, intuitive and, moreover, dynamic way.

AWS is as scalable and adaptable as your business. This is why it is so appreciated by new startups that are trying to thrive with fewer resources.

If the world has changed radically in the last decade, the IT world has changed even more, particularly as there has been a shift towards managed IT. Gone are the large and expensive physical servers, rack or tower, whose modularity left much to be desired.

Today, projects mutate from one month to another, and it is almost impossible to assess the needs that our company will have in 6 months, so your company will need to ask what the point is of making a huge investment when you are not going to take advantage of much of the storage. This can be a great option for many people that want to take advantage of this new service.

This is where a service like Amazon Web Services breaks the mold. It has more than 50 available modules that are provisioned in a matter of hours. Furthermore, the contracted power and storage is modified from one month to another and your company only pays for what it consumes throughout the month. No large initial investments, no learning curves, no complications.

Security standards are on par with Amazon

Last, but not least, is the security that Amazon Web Services offers to our project. At a time when any company is subjected to multiple virtual threats, the biggest risk component remains the same as it was years ago: people.

Therefore, AWS not only offers data encryption, both data at rest and data in transit, but also physical security that far exceeds what we can provide in our business. That is why several studies recognize that security in a cloud structure such as Amazon’s is superior to what we can find in a physical structure.

More than a million customers (yes, a million companies) rely on the IT structure offered by AWS, if you want us to help you sweeten this first meeting between your project and Amazon Web Services, contact us. The cloud is worth it.

As a startup, you should seriously consider investing in AWS. The benefits are quite significant.

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