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In the Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Top 10 CEO Outlook 2023 series, Bob Evans interviewed Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. The company ranks #3 on the Cloud Wars Top 10. In this CEO Outlook moment, Kurian describes three major trends that are already underway but will be even more prevalent in the coming year, elaborating on the impacts that these trends will have.


00:24 — The boundaries of where computation is being done will increasingly move out further. Kurian notes that they’re seeing growth with more customer interest in edge computing solutions. For instance, Google Cloud customers are deploying its edge computing solutions to reinvent their retail stores and restaurants to remotely manage, administer, and make updates.

00:58Google Cloud acquired Mandiant because, as software is becoming central to so many industries, cyber is becoming a bigger issue. Kurian shares the example of the Software Delivery Shield product that Google Cloud released. The goal of this is to prevent tampering with the software supply chain, which would cause issues for customers. Without thorough cybersecurity measures, there would be significant consequences.

01:41 — The third trend that Kurian identified is that artificial intelligence (AI) is mainstreaming. This technology is being integrated into various business processes, such as providing better visibility, better inferencing, or better forecasting. He emphasizes that AI will increasingly become part of the core business process and organization, as it can aid in understanding customer needs better and automating processes to improve efficiency.

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