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What Is the Industrial Edge? – Acceleration Economy

In Episode 6 of the Cutting Edge podcast, Leonard Lee analyzes what sets the Industrial Edge apart, explains the Purdue model of cybersecurity, and asks what businesses moving to the cloud are willing to sacrifice to bolster data security.


00:23 – Leonard Lee covers the Industrial Edge: What makes it different, and why it matters to an organization’s future.

What Is the Industrial Edge?

00:47 – Two different descriptions of the Industrial Edge are given. Leonard suggests the Industrial Edge is simply the environment where we see the operations of a business take place.

02:02 – IT organizations are generally more familiar with an architecture that differs from how systems are traditionally built. Most often, operational technology (OT) folks are working off of the (Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture (PERA) reference model.

03:04 – One of the key features of the Purdue model is its take on security architecture. Leonard explains the importance of air gapping, or separating protected systems from the internet.

Why Will the Industrial Edge Matter to Organizations in the Future?

04:15 – Introducing technologies and deployment models like cloud computing into the OT world also introduces a host of security issues. With increased flexibility and interoperability comes an inherent risk of a security breach.

04:56 – Leonard examines why the principles guiding the Purdue model are still relevant. As cloud computing moves towards the edge, it needs to adjust to new realities; there is a price to pay for security.

06:12 – How do you apply PERA in a smart home or home automation system to protect consumer privacy?

Key Takeaways for the C-Suite

06:35 – Not everything needs to go to the public cloud. Edge is where business and customers’ lives happen.

07:25 – Leonard concludes his remarks and previous the Cutting Edge column.

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