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UnaBiz and ZiFiSense join forces to create A Unified LPWAN World for Massive IoT


UnaBiz and ZiFiSense join forces to create A Unified LPWAN World for Massive IoT

UnaBiz and ZiFiSense signed an MoU to promote the development of a Unified LPWAN World to enable Massive IoT.

Under the agreement, UnaBiz and ZiFiSense will leverage their respective networks, with ZETA network covering China and UnaBiz’s global 0G network in 70+ countries, to allow partners and customers to scale their operations globally. The two companies will collaborate on technical and business aspects to integrate LPWAN technology standards and connect different industries.

On the business side, the two companies will leverage their networks to create a seamless global LPWAN network, offering cross-regional and cross-border IoT solutions for Enterprise Customers who have a global footprint, especially in key verticals such as supply chain management, production manufacturing, and public utilities.

From a technical perspective, UnaBiz and Zifisense are co-developing and integrating the Sigfox Stack into ZiFiSense’s second-generation chip, allowing global roaming on both ZETA and Sigfox 0G networks as the chipset will support the Sigfox DBPSK modulation scheme and ZETA’s Advanced M-FSK modulation, allowing continuity of operations for both party’s customers.

Zhuoqun Li, the CEO and Founder at ZifiSense said, “This partnership capitalizes on the complementary strengths of both companies and leverages our combined network coverage to enable hybrid IoT solutions to create a more vibrant, integrated and seamless industrial IoT ecosystem. The collaboration is expected to foster mutually compatible IoT ecosystems in the market, providing our customers with more diverse, convenient, and cost-effective IoT services.”

Henri Bong, the CEO & Co-Founder of UnaBiz, met Zhuoqun Li during his recent visit to China with Business France and President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

“UnaBiz is committed to create A Unified LPWAN World with our partners. By leveraging the well-established ZETA network in China and our strong 0G Network commercialized by 0G Operators in Europe and beyond, we are certain that we can open more doors and use-cases that translate to bigger opportunities for all LPWAN solution makers and service providers.”

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