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Top tech trends every tech student must know — Retail Technology Innovation Hub – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

While the future is unpredictable, technology trends can help us understand what it will look like.

Tech trends have more future impacts on the lives of tech students than everyone else, which is why they need to know all the major ones.

This article will expose you to the top tech trends and how they change our lives.

So, if you are a tech student or are intrigued by technology, you should spend a few minutes checking out the trends we have listed below.

Extended reality

Extended reality is a trend in technology that tries to mimic the natural world and even break beyond the limits of the real world.

Extended reality has already found its way into our smart devices as augmented reality (AR). Also, extended reality continues to emerge in a bigger virtual reality (VR) form in other gadgets.

3D printing

3D printing is a technology trend for printing 3-dimensional objects. A century ago, no one would have believed that any printing machine would someday print houses where humans could live, but presently, 3D printers print real homes.

For now, the commonest use of 3D printing is the formulation of prototypes, but its benefits will definitely increase in the future. Even as of now, students can use 3D printing while working on an assignment or project.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a trend that makes machines tend to think and learn like humans.

It allows machines to do a lot of tasks without human interference. For instance, machines can now recognise objects in the real world and also in recorded videos and images.

AI can track what humans do and make personalised recommendations and predictions based on the tracked records. For instance, AI can suggest that a candidate should apply for hpi UK visa immediately after the candidate qualifies for it.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a trend similar to artificial intelligence, but the major difference is that RPA focuses only on task automation.

With RPA, various tasks can be automated, including complex ones. Examples of those tasks include replying to messages, transaction processing, and manufacturing processes.

RPA is expected to replace thousands of jobs in the future, though a few of them will not be replaced entirely. Instead, RPA will perform only some parts of the job that can be automated.

For instance, a US immigration lawyer can’t be entirely automated, so RPA will handle only the automatable roles of an immigration lawyer.


The use of blockchain has grown beyond just cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is now a new technology trend that offers security for several other things like voting and validating transactions.

So far, blockchain has proven itself to be impossible to manipulate, which is why it’s ideal for security purposes.

The demand for blockchain technology keeps increasing almost every day. Therefore, tech students who like the blockchain concept can take blockchain courses.


The cybersecurity trend is meant to protect internet users from online threats. Hackers seek new means to steal data from internet users daily, which is why cybersecurity is very important.

Every tech student must know basic ways to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Someday, cybersecurity knowledge may become mandatory for tech candidates seeking specific roles in an organisation, especially in the programming aspect.

Edge computing

Edge computing involves capturing and processing data near places where the processed data will be utilised.

Some data are very time sensitive, so the other type of computing may not be adequate to capture, process, and deliver the data at the appropriate time. It takes edge computing to handle such kind of data.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing hasn’t emerged fully like binary computing, yet its speed is several times faster, and it has the potential to solve some problems that regular computers can’t solve.

Quantum computing is already being applied in fields like the medical field to combat diseases and the banking field to quickly detect fraud.


Tech trends will never cease to shape the world. Hence, it’s advisable to learn those trends to fit perfectly into the changes they introduce.

Tech students, in particular, need to understand those trends very deeply because they may someday have to perform tasks that depend heavily on said trends.

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