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Top 10 Fog Computing Companies that IT Professionals Should Follow – Analytics Insight

by November 21, 2022


The article enlists the top 10 Fog computing companies for 2023 that can attract an IT professional

Fog computing is a decentralized computer architecture that processes and stores information between the source of origin and the resources of the cloud. Fog computing minimizes the overhead data transfer and contributes to increasing computational efficiency on cloud networks by reducing the need to process and retain vast quantities of superfluous data. Businesses demand the emergence of new exciting trends because of changes in the market and sometimes due to the advent of technology and Fog computing companies are in the top demand. We have explored a whole lot of interesting new themes which can gain popularity in near future, and Fog computing companies are among them. Globally there are many top Fog computing companies, and here we will see a list of the 10 most interesting Fog computing companies that IT businesses are adopting.


IOTech is a popular open-source edge computing company. It builds and deploys edge computing platforms for industrial Internet of Things applications. IOTech enables workloads to be processed at the IoT edge while enhancing security, providing real-time decision-making & reducing IoT data storage or transport requirements. IOTech claims that the platform is vendor-independent thereby enabling interoperability between things, applications, and services, across multiple use cases. Moreover, it allows for independent microservices to be distributed across discrete hardware devices, written in different languages (such as Java, Go, Lang, and C/C++) communicating with each other via HTTP-REST (and other protocols such as MQTT and ZeroMQ).  It is listed among the top Fog computing companies for 2023.


Crosser provides edge computing software for industrial and enterprise IoT applications. It acts as an on-site middle layer between sensors and cloud services, analyzing the streaming data in real time and enabling cost savings and real-time local actions for time-sensitive applications. It gathers data from sensors in real time, analyzes it, aggregates, filters, and takes actions on the same in a distributed way. 


Teraki provides an AI-enabled edge-processing platform for the automotive industry. The company offers embedded software that works as an enabler for current and future IoT/M2M applications. Teraki says that its solutions reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by up to a factor of 10 without compromising its quality. The solution enables the applications to pre-process the sensor data for better decision-making. Teraki is listed among the top Fog computing companies for 2023.


Cartesiam has developed NanoEdge AI which is a set of machine learning algorithms to grasp and exploit the data in microcontrollers, directly where the same is developed. Cartesiam claims that their solutions not only enable analysis but also learning directly within the microcontroller and this without the help of complex cloud infrastructure. Use cases are in the areas of power plant engine control, water sanitization factories, bottling factories, railway control, and other industrial areas.

V5 Systems

V5 Systems offers outdoor security solutions and platforms for IoT Applications. The company provides autonomous and smart surveillance with integrated security. Its security solutions come with Edge, and Hybrid Cloud Analytics capabilities as well as outdoor wifi requirements. 


PrismTech which is now acquired by Adlink offers data connectivity solutions, tools, and professional services as part of its data-sharing platform for IoT applications. It offers cloud, gateway (supported by connectors like MQTT, Rest, CometD, HTML, etc), fog, software downloads, and others. It has applications in areas like healthcare, transportation, smart cities and energy, automation, etc. 

Nebbiolo Technologies

Nebbiolo Technologies has generated a fog computing platform and hardware for Industrial IoT applications. It comprises multiple components namely fogNode- a modular edge hardware for data storage and connectivity, fogOS- a software stack, which enables communications, data management, and application deployment at the fog layer; and fogSM- a centralized portal for the management of federated clusters of fogNodes and their associated assets.


Ekkono is a provider of an Edge computing-based machine learning analytics engine. Ekkono’s product is an embedded edge machine-learning-based advanced analytics engine for IoT. It runs on small platforms which enables it to run at the edge. It is platform-agnostic and can manage the end-to-end workflow including data input, model training, model execution, re-training, and data output. 

Edge Intelligence

Edge Intelligence is a distributed analytics provider developed for hybrid cloud and edge computing environments. It is centrally managed and features two-factor authentication which optimizes performance for any type of data and query enabling users to efficiently store, analyze and process all types of data across geographies. 

Aikaan Labs

Aikaan Labs is a technology startup that creates software controllers to monitor, control, provision, and debug issues for large-scale IoT edge and fog deployments. Its offerings include AiAgent and AiCon. AiAgent is a software agent (Docker-based) which is installed on each and every element of the edge Infrastructure to collect more than 50 data points with respect to network, applications, and systems, and pass the same to AiCon. 

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