Top 10 AI Based App Ideas for Start-ups that Will Make Money In 2020

In the advanced world, with the additional burden of Coronavirus effects, the demand for new app ideas is on the upsurge. Even before the beginning of this pandemic, the use of smartphones was already increasing with the latest advancements in technology. There are a significant number of iOS and Android platform users around the globe which had paved the way for enhancements in the mobile app development sector. The custom mobile app development industry has given the way for offering profitable and appealing options to build and market the advanced digital solutions to many industries across the globe. Major advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the mobile industry reforms that once could be just dreamt off. It has created new opportunities for both start-ups and large players in different niches which is the reason for the development of modern AI-based apps. Many organizations have been reaping the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in improving their process and expand their business like never before. If adopted properly Artificial Intelligence can prove beneficial for many types of business by making the system operations smoother and more profitable.

 Top 10 AI-Based App Ideas for Start-ups that Will Make Money In 2020

1. AI-based Apps for Healthcare Tools & Equipment’s

 With major advancements, Artificial intelligence has a huge influence on the healthcare industry. Apps powered by AI aids to research the comprehensive data and also helps to enhance the final results. Due to such impact, AI-based apps can be employed in decision making and enhancement tasks which help in improving predictability, reliability, quality, process firmness, and safety. Such apps drive medical practitioners and doctors to find and predict the patient’s condition. It will promote the well being of the patient by preventing critical hospitalizations. This will be a beneficial thing for both patients and hospitals. Hospitals can improve their efficiency by predicting many types of diseases even before their impacts that can help in saving lives.

Advanced computer vision algorithms and clever cameras are employed to find increased levels of certain substances in the human body. It is also being used to find different dangerous health issues like various forms of cancer. AI is also used by many healthcare providers to stop medical data errors and get continuous medical conclusion support during clinical standard events. Such advancements have enhanced the life expectancy and the future of speaking to any specialist doctor is being transformed into a virtual process. Even though there will always be a condition of being unmatched to the reliability with a human doctor, these modern advancements will surely be of help for many routine issues.


ADA is an AI-powered doctor app that has undergone extensive research and developed by a London and Berlin-based health care start-up to relieve pressure on medical professionals. It works by flowing via a series of queries about the patient’s symptoms to provide probable causes for their problem. It will ask for easy and related queries and compares them to the large number of similar cases to aid in finding clarifications for the symptoms. By querying its data, the app will provide useful advice and the next steps for either receiving medications or speaking to an expert doctor. It will also aid in booking an appointment with the nearest doctors.

Web-MD is a popular app for checking symptoms. It has enhanced operations and reaches with the introduction of their app. This app has many additional features than the online version like medicine alarms, fitness, and diet tracking, first aid information, a vast database of drugs, and other informative content. It also aids the users to discover and fix an appointment with a local doctor. The app has very user-friendly operations and the design is very spontaneous to use. All the advice would be analyzed by highly qualified persons so that it is reliable to be used.

2. App for Retail Brands

AI has a huge potential to transform the regular retail experience and provide an enhanced service with customization, automation, and efficiency. The retail industry I growing widely with advancements in the development of various products and services. This industry requires the posting of pictures on the websites for a clear description of the object or service. An on-device recognition tool that is based on AI could be of great benefit in this operation. It will analyze, organize, and classify all the pictures depending on the objects in an image. Having such a benefit, you will gain the advantage of posting photos that is related to the product classification, location, and specific markets. Many organizations have used this technology and incorporated them successfully in their operations.

Lowes employs Robots to Trace Items: Lowes has developed a Lowe Bot that has aided customers to check for specific items around any specific store. The tedious job of navigating in a hardware store is made simple through this bot. They maneuver through the store by asking easy queries to the customers and know what is their item of search. These AI-based robots will then show them the way by mapping the products to the right places. Lowe Bots also verify the inventory so that owner will be well aware of all the products that are running out of stock.  

Macy’s takes the help of AI to provide the best In-Store Experience: Macy’s on-call app is customized with all the answers for guiding the customers to a specific item in the store. It requires customers to just open the app when they are present in the store. The AI-assisted bot will help them to reach a specific direction and check for a particular product. If the customer is still unable to locate any item then this bot could alert a human staff to know the issue and reach this customer.

3. Cyber Security App

 Cyber-attack and data hacks are the looming threats in an ever-evolving digital world. AI has helped to keep the digital systems safe from such mischiefs by keeping the data secured. Traditional firewall norms and AV data could prove to be an easy victim to cyber malware. Artificial intelligence operates automatically without any clue for finding glitches in the system functions. The AI systems have a solid capability to analyze the networks and filter the normal traffic and suspect the malware. It is well aware of around 102,000 patterns in the network. 

Conversational interfaces could be easily developed on AI platforms for enabling the voice assistants and advanced chatting options. Workloads of computing systems could be easily stabilized by adding the AI to heavily tied infrastructure, latest IT services, and security structures. Advanced Technologies aid in enabling various sections in the IT industry to have effective protection against the surprising cyber-attacks. The availability of AI built open-source frameworks like TensorFlow and Torch automates and fortifies data security measures. Many organizations who had the strongest traditional security measures have adopted Artificial Intelligence aided apps. It will strengthen the defense system for fighting against cyber malware that is occurring with the advancements in the digital world.

4. E-commerce Apps

Advancements in AI technology has given an edge for all players in the eCommerce industry. This is helpful to all types of companies irrespective of their size or economic expansions. Advancements in technology are supporting users to classify the products with the right color, size, shape, and brand. Many customer-specific web apps have become advanced and user-friendly with the use of AI-based apps and are expected to grow more in the future.

A popular Alexa app from Amazon makes use of an AI tool which helps to know the processes of their marketing base strategy. This app lets Amazon find which types of products or services will have the highest demand at a specific time. It will be reliant on analyzing customer searches and providing customized references.

eBay has employed AI for empowering their constant competition in the fast running market. Their specific shopbot platform helps find various products using NLP (natural language processing).

Many organizations have included Artificial Intelligence technologies in their business strategies and marketing tactics. They have not only helped them to capture the market easily but also beneficial for users with modern features for their service. Many core ideas could be transformed easily into reality with proper implementation of solutions.

5. App for Storytelling 

Who doesn’t like listening to story over various radio channels? But you would not get to listen to your favorite stories on the radio whenever you feel like listening to them. This could be due to many reasons like scheduling of other programs in them. The Storytelling apps have provided the benefit of listening to your favorite stories or books in storytelling arrangement. A user could just copy/paste the story file or even link to the app and it will read it for you. This reading will not be just a dictation process but will be carried out in a good narration format. The app will also easily find the style of storytelling preference depending on the classified investigation of the given story.

The success of AI in storytelling apps is reliant on many factors. One is the development of a multi-layered grid and the other is the generation and convenience of large databases that can empower the system. AI is also employed in developing useful content and reduce the tediousness in everyday tasks. As storytelling companies have understood the value of AI and with the availability of advanced technologies there are drastic changes in the video stories too. It has aided the storyboarders and writers to enhance the emotional connection and refine the content. Directors are benefited from the integration of motion capture in their works.

The use of AI in storytelling apps for a wide range of contents has provided users with a splendid user experience. Storytelling mobile apps have made enabled the listening of favorite poems or stories while you carry other works. But the refinement options have made the storytelling process a worthwhile and beautiful experience. Be it any kind of content, Artificial Intelligence has empowered the storytellers to narrate it in a precise format that is relevant to it.


6. App for Journalists

Journalism is a field that needs awareness of all the latest ongoings in the world. With the enhanced competitiveness, there is a necessity of knowing all possible information quickly. It takes a huge effort from individuals to accumulate all the required data and news from various locations/fields. Artificial Intelligence has proven to be an asset to the industry with its value in changing the way for collecting and matching data from various sources. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to develop a mobile app that holds the potential of automating the reports. This is possible by asking for some important information and using it collectively and smartly. The information given could be in the voice command format and the content could be analyzed later with the journalist.

Artificial Intelligence is increasing journalism efficiency in the following way:

  • Automation of routine tasks: Many news tracing apps can track important newsbreaks so that journalists would not toil harder.
  • Reorganizing media workflows: AI empowers journalists to focus on important things as performed by BBC’s juicer.
  • Accumulation of complete data: Research can be done very quickly as illustrated in the New York Times Research and Development Lab’s Editor application.
  • Avoiding fake news: One of the major tasks of journalism ethics is to convey truthful information. AI is helping in detecting fake news to find word patterns that will showcase any false information. All this with the advantage of quick content accumulation.
  • Providing efficient insights: Information could be connected efficiently like the Washington Post’s Knowledge Map.  
  • Creating rapid results: All the reports and other content could be correlated together to form interesting stories.

News agencies are utilizing the AI systems to expose the data from different sources and automate them into interesting articles or secondary analysis material for those articles. Advancements in technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have been efficient in detecting patterns in the textual data. They have also been useful in recognizing the valuable information that accurately reviews the privileged data. Modern procedures are used against a large amount of data via news, social media contents, blog posts, pictures, video, and other types of content. This helps the journalists to be on top of the fast-breaking news and develop interesting stories on the latest developments. It will aid in being on top of the race in ever-changing situations.

7. Roadside Breakdown or Car Accident App

Roadside breakdown app aids the owners to be in touch with the nearby car service stations. They will provide real-time roadside assistance by just tracking the location of the vehicle. The majority of people are aware of the SOS system that is similar to SOS apps. But it is crucial to be associated with an experienced and trusted mobile app development company. With the support of AI, these apps will locate all the nearby vehicle service stations that are capable of handling the issue according to your location. Such apps will also be a one place solution by offering all the essentials information related to the maintenance of the car. It may include regular car insurance, assistance, service alarms, etc.

One of the popular platforms called Honk technologies connects drivers, towing guys, and insurers. They have added an Artificial Intelligence feature to their roadside assistance app to enhance their response time and user-friendliness. An updated chatbot feature will always be in touch with the customers throughout the process and providing smart guidance. Such features will aid the insurance carriers to get proper information. It may about the variations in driver onset time and customer location. This process will ensure the highest transparency and enhancement in the customer service experience. There will be the availability of fast updates that will make it easy for drivers to get assistance. Finally, it will save time for both users and drivers by ensuring safety at all stages.

8. AI-Enabled Fast Learning Apps

The methods of searching, reading, and writing have been transformed drastically with the advancements in AI. These apps can analyze, find, and read all the relevant content whenever you need them. Researching has been changed to an easy job with availability and access to all the information regarding the latest advancements in every industry. All kinds of learning are presented in a splendid format and according to interests.

Udemy is a fast learning app that provides a wide range of courses across all types of topics. It is the most widely used app by individuals across the globe for learning new things that could help in their professional careers. Good reads is one more app that provides huge information with the registration of around 40 million members. This app aids the users to find the appropriate content whenever you need it. AI-enabled fast learning apps have proven to be a convenient means of learning in recent years. 

9. Online Recruiting Automation

Artificial Intelligence can easily automate recruitment methods such as screening, candidate tracking, and work correspondences. It will be a great asset to the recruitment team. AI-based technology concentrates on different tasks of recruitment and decreases its pains by looking at the right place for appropriate candidates. Many and HR teams are successfully using AI-powered online automated recruiting apps to get the appropriate candidates.

These apps negate the chances of candidates being not considered for a suitable job, not for their lack of qualification but for not finding them in search results. It has shown successful results for many established across the globe. With the right choice of mobile app developers, start-ups can use these AI features to build a successful AI-based recruitment tool. It can be depending on the areas that you need to filter and find the candidates for your operations.

10. AI-Enabled Market Prediction Apps

With the constantly evolving market trends, it is necessary to be on top of the updates at every stage. The support of AI in the current market keeps prediction of the shares on a rising or falling times. These AI-based apps also help in developing the portfolio, verify the value of any stock in the market, analyze the stock charts, and all related things at the reach of fingertips. Such advanced apps help banking firms, property management organizations, financial advisers, online brokers, and other trading platforms.

 The system offers a wave chart that predicts the overlap of trends with the waves along with forecast of trends as appositive or negative digit. This is very useful in deciding the trade course, the right point to make a trade and also when to depart. The process is a purely observed one, that is reliant on the past data and not on the human conventions. The manual factor is only present in developing an accurate outline and primarily showcasing the first set of data to the complete system.

The complex system algorithms continuously suggest strategies by experimenting with them on several years of market numbers. These figures are then authenticated on the latest data that is accumulated. 

 Bottom Line

Above are the top 10 AI-based app ideas for start-ups that will make money in 2020. These apps will surely aid in growing your business to the next level. AI has been an efficient tool for companies across all niches with proven success. Many start-ups and established companies have already enhanced their worth with the successful implementation of this technology. With the coronavirus outbreak effects going to stay for many days, it is sure that AI-based apps will be leading the competition. But the key factor that yields efficient results is the selection of mobile app developers. If you have a core business idea and want it to be implemented into a real-time AI-based app, you must choose the best app development company. Many companies provide AI-enabled app service but choosing the ones that are efficient and provide features/services specific to your requirements.

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