The why and the how of enterprise AI

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Scheduled for October 2, 2019, 11 am to 12:00 pm EDT

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In this webinar we will address two major questions facing organizations that are using or planning to use AI and machine learning:

  • What are the use cases and business drivers behind enterprise investment now and in the future?
  • What are the changes to infrastructure that are happening – and need to happen – to facilitate greater adoption of AI & machine learning at scale?

Even though we’re only at the beginning of the enterprise AI journey, enterprise adoption is quickening and deepening, especially in industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. In this webinar Nick will show evidence of specific use cases in those industries to which AI and machine learning is being applied. He will also reveal the barriers organizations face to delivering AI at scale in terms of the infrastructure they have now and the types of infrastructure investments they may want to make in the future.

Nick Patience, Co-founder & Research VP, AI Applications & Platforms, 451 Research
Nick leads 451’s AI and machine learning research – an area he has been researching since co-founding 451 Research in 2000. He works across the entire 451 Research team to uncover and understand use cases for machine learning to advise 451’s end user, vendor, service provider and investor clients. He also steers the company’s coverage of business applications, including Customer Experience and Commerce and Workforce Productivity. He re-joined 451 in 2015 after almost three years running product marketing at machine learning-driven eDiscovery and search company Recommind (now part of OpenText). He has held various senior management roles at 451 in both in New York and London since 1999. Prior to starting 451 Research, Nick was a financial and technology journalist with ComputerWire (now part of Datamonitor) in London and New York. Nick has an MSc in Computing Science from the University of London, and a BA in Philosophy and Music from Middlesex University.

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