Tesla will allow users to customise their vehicle’s horn and motor sounds

Tesla will soon allow users to customise the horn and low-speed movement sounds of their vehicles.

Electric cars are so quiet that in many countries they are required by law to artificially create a movement sound for the safety of pedestrians. Until now, these movement sounds have typically represented something akin to a normal engine.

Tesla founder Elon Musk is now teasing a range of movement sound options. My personal favourite suggestion is the coconut horse clops from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Similarly, Tesla plans on allowing users to change their horn sound. We can all hope not everyone ends up driving around with the ‘dixie horn’ from Dukes of Hazzard, which ended up being seemingly everyone’s ringtone for long past its welcome.

Musk says he is considering allowing users to upload their own custom sounds, but it’s easy to see this being abused. Yelled profanities should be kept inside your car and not broadcasted via loudspeaker.

A Tesla Model 3 owner recently found an Easter Egg whereby, after naming his vehicle “the rabbit of Caerbannog” from the Monty Python movie, a link in his ‘Tesla Theater’ appeared which directs to the Monty Python YouTube channel.

After some poking around the Tesla Android app by 9to5Google, the site found references to a “Patsy Mode” that’s currently unavailable.

Patsy is Arthur’s sidekick in the Monty Python movie who provides to coconut horse clops. Patsy Mode appears designed to play the sound when you summon your Tesla from Auto Park.

If you’re yet to have seen the aforementioned clip, you can enjoy it here:

I remember being impressed by the ability to change a sat nav voice to Mr T, Darth Vader, or Homer Simpson. How times have changed.

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