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TensorFlow Tutorials and Things

In this article, you’ll find a collection of articles all about TensorFlow, which is “an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning.” We have articles and tutorials for beginners who are just getting started with the basics, and we have articles for the pros who really want to dive deep into machine learning, deep learning, and TensorFlow.

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TensorFlow for Beginners

  1. Introduction to TensorFlow by Tim Spann. This Refcard will help you understand how TensorFlow works, how to install it, and how to get started with in-depth examples.
  2. An Introduction to TensorFlow by Mokhtar Ebrahim. TensorFlow is a library that was developed by Google for solving complicated mathematical problems. This introduction to TensorFlow contains all you need to know!
  3. TensorFlow in a Nutshell by Sathiyakugan Balakrishan. Let’s take a look at TensorFlow and explore graphs and the benefits of using them.
  4. Various Uses of TensorFlow by Rinu Gour. A look into the various uses of the open source AI framework, TensorFlow.
  5. 5 TensorFlow and ML Courses for Programmers by Javin Paul. This article looks at five TensorFlow and machine learning courses for programmers, such as a complete guide to TensorFlow for deep learning with Python.
  6. What Is TensorFlow and What Is New in It? by Shailna Patidar. This article gives information on TensorFlow such as what it is, where it is used, its features, and it gives a tutorial on how to use it in your project.
  7. Learn TensorFlow: Vectors by Ngoc Minh Tran. See how operations on vectors can be implemented by using the functions from the TensorFlow library.
  8. 5 TensorFlow and ML Courses for Programmers by Javin Paul. In this article, learn about some of the best online courses to learn TensorFlow and machine learning for programmers.

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TensorFlow Tutorials for Beginners

TensorFlow Tutorials for Beginners

  1. Getting Started With TensorFlow: A Brief Introduction by Akshansh Jain. Get a basic idea of what TensorFlow is, learn about data-flow graphs, learn what a tensor is, and learn how to get started with TensorFlow.
  2. Getting Started With TensorFlow Using Java/JavaScript by Vinod Pahuja. Learn how to create a basic linear regression model trained with mean square error and gradient descent in TensorFlow using Java and/or JavaScript.
  3. Getting Started With TensorFlow: Writing Your First Program by Akshansh Jain. Learn how to implement a very basic program in TensorFlow using Python by building and running a computational graph.

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TensorFlow 2.0

TensorFlow 2.0

  1. TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended by Kevin Vu. In this article, take a look at TensorFlow 2.0 and explore major changes and noteworthy projects.

  2. TensorFlow 2.0 — What You Need to Know by Akif Kamal. A discussion of what changed with the release of TensorFlow 2.0 and why it matters to devs.

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TensorFlow and…

TensorFlow and…

  1. TensorFlow.js and Custom Classifiers by Laurence Moroney. In this article, check out a model and convert it to TensorFlow.js using the tensorflowjs libraries in Python.

  2. How to Train TensorFlow Models Using GPUs by Kseniya Savitsina. GPUs can accelerate the training of machine learning models. In this post, explore the setup of a GPU-enabled AWS instance to train a neural network in TensorFlow.

  3. Transfer Learning: How to Classify Images Using TensorFlow Machine Learning by Francesco Azzola. This article explains how to use Transfer Learning to classify images using the TensorFlow Machine Learning platform.

  4. Learn TensorFlow: Linear Regression by Ngoc Minh Tran. In this article, see an introduction to linear regression and see how to use TensorFlow. 

  5. TensorFlow for Deep Learning (Part 1) by Shubham Dangare. This article teaches us more about TensorFlow for deep learning.

  6. Applying ML to IoT With Android Things and TensorFlow by Francesco Azzola. Learn how to combine Android Things and TensorFlow to bring AI and ML to IoT projects.

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