Why Now Is the Time to Use Advanced Technologies to Remotely Connect Your Medical Devices

IoT offers a way to remotely monitor and manage medical devices, and can enable new business models for device manufacturers. There is growing interest in using the Internet of Things (IoT) in medical devices. The data gathered with IoT-enabled medical devices—the so-called Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices—can be used […]

How Moving Cloud Operations to the Edge Helps Deliver a Faster, Content-Rich Customer Experience

IDC sees connected oil field exploration, freight monitoring, and public safety response as the three areas with the highest propensity for edge deployment. Moving cloud operations to the edge is seen as the next step in delivering a faster, content-rich experience to customers. According to analyst firm IDC, there will […]

Qualcomm Announces 5G and AI Robotics Platform

The RB5 platform could also be utilized by enterprises exploring Industry 4.0 technologies, such as machine maintenance, collaborative robots, and inventory management. Qualcomm announced on Wednesday the Robotics 5G platform (RB5), a slew of hardware, software, and development tools tailored for robotics. RB5 is the “world’s first” 5G and AI […]

How the Subscription Economy is Shifting the Manufacturing Value Chain

Combined with an intelligent IIoT ecosystem, EaaS can harness the current Industrial Revolution as an opportunity to fuel your company’s growth. According to the Industrial Internet Consortium: “the first three industrial revolutions were powered by steam, electric energy, and electronics. Today’s Industrial Revolution is powered by data. And that data comes […]