IoT Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Multi-site critical infrastructure operations managers must secure their sites to ensure uninterrupted services for their customers that depend on them. For Critical Infrastructure, security is non-negotiable. Protecting networks, systems, and assets for uninterrupted operations is critical to the security of an organization, a city, and a country. It is a […]

They’re No Longer Cars, They’re Computers on Wheels

Vehicles today are edge computers on wheels, running on software that is constantly being refreshed. Today’s autos – and the production systems behind them – are no longer gasoline-powered mechanical behemoths and Henry Ford assembly lines that churn them out. Rather, today’s vehicles are computers on wheels, running on software […]

Connecting the Digital and Physical Worlds to Address Sustainability

Organizations need to include sustainability and environmental impact in their business transformation planning. Fortunately, the tools and technology needed to do so are readily available. The early days of business transformation focused on how companies used technology to improve efficiencies and develop new customer experiences. Today, we are operating in […]