From AI World: Why Leveraging Edge Data Requires A Lot of Energy

A fireside chat at AI World discussed the issues encountered in extracting data from the edge. One may be forgiven for assuming manufacturers are ready to crack open their various production systems and begin leveraging the data that has been trapped within. The reality can be much more complicated. The […]

CI Enables New Healthcare Diagnostic Capabilities

Continuous intelligence (CI) is enabling innovative approaches to healthcare, giving clinicians fast, more accurate diagnosis capabilities. Healthcare organizations are blessed with a wealth of data to evaluate patient conditions and prescribe a treatment plan. Increasingly, the ability to make faster, more accurate diagnoses requires continuous intelligence (CI) derived from the […]

Sipping from the Video Firehose: Energy’s Use of Real-Time Analytics

A generation of video applications treats cameras more like the internet of things (IoT) devices by monitoring asset conditions, identifying equipment using bar codes, license plates, or the movement of vehicles and personnel. Video cameras are ubiquitous in the energy sector and have been for many years. Being asset-intensive industries, […]