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Emerging Technology to Help Farmers Feed, Clothe, and Provide For an Expanding Population

Advanced technology helps farmers work more efficiently, saving time and money, and ultimately can help them address modern challenges ranging from changing weather patterns to how fast the world’s population grows. While money may not grow on trees, practically everything else is grown from seeds—from the food you eat to […]

How Mobile Apps Help Manufacturing Overcome Problems

Mobile apps help the manufacturing sector achieve improved business outcomes by collecting accurate data, streamlining manufacturing processes, improving workers’ safety, addressing labor shortages, increasing employee engagement, and boosting employees’ productivity. Historically, the manufacturing industry has not been the most agile in implementing new digital technologies. The industry has struggled with […]

Five Ways 5G is Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape

5G can help realize the ideal of a modular factory where machinery can be quickly reconfigured to optimize production. For manufacturers, 5G offers compelling opportunities to improve operational performance and build greater resilience into processes. Many new services and opportunities will arise from its pervasive and ubiquitous connectivity. That’s the […]

Factory on Fire? Reroute Your Supply Chain Through a Digital Twin

Digital twins enable managers and administrators to discover complexities and behavior across an entire supply chain ecosystem. Supply chains have been in big trouble over the past year or so. Closed factories, parts shortages, wars., and even ships stuck in canals have upended even the most well-designed and technology-savvy supply […]

Accenture Builds Factory of the Future With Mars

Accenture is working with Mars, the confectionery, food, and pet care products and services company, to transform and modernize its global manufacturing operations with AI, cloud, edge technology, and digital twins. Global professional services company Accenture has collaborated with confectionery giant Mars to modernize manufacturing operations in its factories through […]

Digital Twins Require Their Own Special Brand of Security

The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) and Digital Twin Consortium have developed a series of guidelines to address the security of digital twins. Many organizations are adopting digital twins to simulate activity and predict events across their physical infrastructure. However, as with many technology projects, security is often an afterthought. Yet, […]