Partnership Aims for Endless IoT Device Battery Life

Eliminating the need for battery replacement cuts maintenance costs and helps prevent equipment failures caused by battery life issues. Ultra-low-power wireless technology provider Atmosic and OEM electronic component manufacturer SMK Electronics Corporation earlier this month announced a new partnership to integrate Atmosic’s M3 system-on-chip (SOC) into a variety of connected […]

How Millennials Are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Millennials entering manufacturing ground their skills in the digital environment in which they grew up, giving them an advantage when working with software-driven systems, including IoT and robotics. Manufacturing is a challenging business. It requires a great deal of capital, loans, engineering expertise, and all the miscellaneous must-haves, such as […]

Automotive at the Edge

Autos may be the ultimate edge devices. They are geographically dispersed and provide real-time streaming data, while enabling autonomous actions. Nowhere is the edge more edgy than the automotive sector. From connected cars to connected factories to connected people, edge is changing the way autos are made – and driven. […]

The Role of 5G in Manufacturing

Private 5G networks offer the data speeds, reliability, low latency, and more for pervasive device connectivity to enable innovative data-driven manufacturing applications. Why 5G in Manufacturing? Industrial Ethernet is the backbone of operational infrastructure in many manufacturing settings. Typically running at data speeds of up to 100 megabits per second […]