tado’s first SaaS product speeds-up heating repairs while reducing carbon

Smart heating company tado is launching its first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product which helps to speed-up repairs while reducing carbon.

tado 360 is an offering for utilities and heating service companies which monitors the health of a customer’s heating system.

When a breakdown occurs, engineers are supplied with more detailed information about the problem in order for a faster and more efficient repair.

Heating is essential, especially during the winter months when breakdowns occur most. For the elderly and vulnerable, it can mean the difference between life and death.

The current archaic system typically works along the lines of:

  • The homeowner, probably returning after a long day at work, finds their house cold and the boiler not functioning.
  • An engineer is requested to examine the system. The customer hopes one is available the next day. 
  • The engineer arrives, performs a lengthy manual examination of the system, and orders the required parts.
  • When the parts are available, the engineer drives out again – at extra time and cost, along with the environmental impact – to fix the system.
  • The customer is finally able to have a hot shower after multiple days without heating.

Minimising downtime of a heating system leads to a more satisfied customer and saves both the service company and the homeowner time and money.

“tado 360 helps heating service companies to comprehensively monitor the heating systems in their customers’ homes 24/7,” explains Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO at tado.

“Our service represents a step-change in the way this market operates and opens up new possibilities for energy companies to transition into holistic and highly-efficient energy service providers.”

Tado claims its solution reduces customer callouts from the European average of two to one. In fact, it boasts that in many cases it can eliminate the need for a callout entirely.

Yoann Martin, Director of Product and Engineering at Kaluza, OVO Group’s intelligent energy platform, says:

“We are delighted to be working with tado; their products have great potential to decarbonise the European heating market by enabling tech-centric customer propositions.

tado° 360 demonstrates how smart software has the power to solve efficiency challenges at scale and transform the customer experience. tado° joins Kaluza’s growing ecosystem of innovative partners and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with them that will help shape an intelligent, zero-carbon future.”

Algorithms are used by tado 360 to analyse things such as error codes, water pressure, and pump speeds. This can enable predictive maintenance to deliver simple actionable resolutions potentially before a bigger problem occurs.

Data from the solution is relayed to the heating company who can alert the customer to actions which need to be taken or dispatch an engineer with the correct parts to fix the system on the first visit.

Tado’s new SaaS product is available via a browser-based web portal or can be accessed through an API.

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