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Swarmio Media Secures US Patent for its Latency-optimized Edge Computing Technology – Canada NewsWire

LEC Technology (Branded ‘Swarmio Matrix’) Guarantees Best Online Gaming Experience for Telecom Subscribers

  • Swarmio provides telecom operators a turn-key gaming platform for their subscribers
  • Telcos are looking to offer new tiers of services, including gaming, to increase average revenue per user and participate in the $175 billion gaming market
  • Swarmio’s patented LEC technology reduces lag while gamers are playing against each other, an issue facing gamers around the world today
  • LEC technology seen by telecom operators as a key to combating latency-related customer turnover
  • Edge computing is an anticipated need for many next-generation networking applications including virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and the metaverse
  • Telcos are already deploying Swarmio’s gaming platform Ember, and offering their subscribers great gaming experiences while providing themselves with new revenue streams

 VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 10, 2022 /CNW/ – Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM) (‘Swarmio’ or ‘the Company’), a vertically integrated, end-to-end gaming and esports platform that helps telecom operators (“telcos”) and game publishers engage and monetize gamers, announced today that it has secured a United States Patent (US 11,063,881 B1) for its proprietary Latency-optimized Edge Computing (LEC) technology.  This technology is the foundation of the Company’s Ember gaming platform and is branded as ‘Swarmio Matrix’.

“LEC technology forms an integral part of our gaming and esports platform by enabling our telco partners to deliver a precision gaming experience to their subscribers. For our telco partners, this is integral to the attraction and long-term retention of subscribers. For Swarmio Media, this is integral to the attraction and long-term retention of both telco partners and Ember users,” said Swarmio CEO Vijai Karthigesu. “We also know the technology represents major opportunities in multiple other fast-growth industry sectors like autonomous driving and metaverse applications, which rely heavily on ultra-low-latency connectivity on a global scale. LEC is a highly unique and compelling solution for commercial developers in this space, and we anticipate continued growth and adoption of the platform in the coming months.”

Edge computing is expected to become the predominant platform for supporting many major current and future latency-sensitive applications. This is due to edge computing servers (powerful computers put at the “edge” of a given network) being physically closer to the user than conventional cloud servers and therefore able to offer a higher speed of connectivity.

Swarmio’s LEC solution utilizes a proprietary artificial intelligence to uniquely select optimal edge servers for the lowest latency connections between users, wherever they are in the world. Several multi-billion-dollar industries (including gaming and esports, 5G edge computing, AR/VR, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and metaverse applications) require lag-less performance to offer safe, secure and optimized connected experiences. LEC addresses the current and future stresses that these, and other, industries are placing on telecommunication networks across the world.

Failure to meet the gaming latency thresholds is one of the main reasons attributed to telco subscriber turnover. As an integral component of Swarmio’s Ember platform for telcos, LEC provides telco subscribers with high-performance gaming environments where players can participate fairly with optimized connectivity. LEC provides a significant advantage to telcos who are looking for a comprehensive gaming platform that will lead to strong brand interaction with their subscribers and higher average revenue per user.

LEC also could play a pivotal role within the metaverse – a persistent, online, and 3D virtual environment that users can access through consumer-grade computing and communication devices and which can be used for entertainment, socialization, and business.

Due to a metaverse’s interactive and dynamic nature, providing low-latency experiences for metaverse participants will be critical for telecom operators and metaverse developers. Although fully distributed architectures such as peer-to-peer communication can support these environments, in order to effectively scale, global commercial metaverses will require a distributed edge computing infrastructure such as LEC. Swarmio’s US Patent provides defense should other companies try to duplicate the Company’s approach to reducing network latency.

About Swarmio Media

Swarmio is a technology company focused on providing an end-to-end gaming and esports platform for telcos to monetize their subscribers. Using its patented edge computing technology, Swarmio has engaged with several telcos that have launched its solution allowing their subscribers to access tournaments, engage in a localized gaming community, challenge friends and influencers and earn points that can be used to purchase gaming content.

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