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StackPath Launches New WAF Packages – PR Newswire

Businesses of any size can now have the ease-of-use and advanced threat-detection capabilities that set SP//WAF apart in a package that cost-effectively meets their unique security, usage, and operations-management needs. 

“Any business with a web application or API can be a target of malicious online activity. It’s not a question of whether a business needs protection, just how much and how difficult it will be to manage,” said Uzi Galili, Director, Security Products at StackPath. “SP//WAF already delivers second to none capabilities with great cost-effectiveness. We’re excited to take that further with these new packages, providing even more protection per dollar with exceptional ease-of-use, flexibility, and scalability.”

All subscription levels of SP//WAF safeguard applications and APIs against automated traffic, layer 7 (L7) distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, OWASP Top 10 threats, and a wide range of other malicious activities. These features are active right “out of the box,” requiring minimal configuration for most customers. For businesses that need or want to implement additional or bespoke protection, SP//WAF is easy to configure through the StackPath customer portal which includes a straightforward custom rules editor and activates any change, around the world, in real-time, or via Stackpath APIs that provides full visibility and control. Additionally, with an expert edge security team and an advanced threat intelligence system, StackPath actively identifies and profiles suspicious network traffic worldwide and updates SP//WAF to thwart emerging and changing risks. 

“Just because you have a small web presence doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to lose. And having a big security team and budget doesn’t mean you want it tied up configuring and managing a complicated solution,” said Brandon Carter, Director, Global Security Sales for StackPath. “Our largest customers are relieved to have an enterprise-grade solution that takes work off their team rather than gives their engineers yet another set of challenges to manage. Powerful doesn’t have to be difficult or prohibitively expensive.” 

All SP//WAF packages have pay as you go options for usage in excess of the package’s included number of WAF requests, WAF sites, custom rules, and professional services. Packages start at only $60/month for the Essentials package. For more information, visit, or contact a StackPath expert at +1 (877) 629-2361 in the US or +1 (323) 313-1206 worldwide. 

About StackPath 
StackPath is a cloud platform built at the internet’s edge, providing infrastructure and services physically closer to the source or destination of data than hyperscale cloud service providers. StackPath Edge Compute (including virtual machines and containers), Edge Delivery (including CDN and serverless scripting), and Edge Security (including WAF) solutions run in edge locations strategically deployed in high-density markets and united by a secure global network and a single management system. Customers ranging from Fortune 50 enterprises to one-person startups trust StackPath to give their latency-sensitive workloads and real-time applications the speed, security, and efficiency they require. 

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