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As a leader in enterprise workflow solutions for print management and document capture, Y Soft wanted to study SMB’s preference and concern for adopting cloud and edge technology. Y Soft has been a provider of edge technology for use in large enterprises since 2008 and its use in SMB could be equally beneficial, Y Soft hypothesized.

The survey results provided many interesting insights on SMB technology use and preferences. Highlights include:

  • Public cloud application use is ubiquitous – 93% of SMBs use public cloud applications, typically Microsoft® Office 365 or similar
  • 50% of SMBs have a cloud-first preference and 10% will only use cloud applications
  • Security is a concern for SMBs across all applications; 52% cited security as a top concern whereas 61% cited it as a top concern for cloud-based print management

However, mid-sized companies, U.S.-based companies and companies with more than 50 printers, are the most bullish on cloud-based print management. Over all respondents, 29% are planning to purchase cloud-based print management services within the next 12 months.

  • 35% of SMBs already use edge computing and 56% prefer cloud print management services used with an edge device in place.

The edge device as described in the survey would enable print jobs to be processed locally on the company’s network. Considering SMB’s concern for cloud-based print management security, (61%), this indicates that the additional security peace of mind that comes with edge computing and its other benefits are desired.

“As we speak to customers and partners and study market trends, SMB’s existing use and preference for edge computing as part of cloud-based print services, confirms our belief that edge devices have an extremely important role,” said Ondřej Krajíček, Y Soft Chief Technology Strategist. “Unlike their enterprise counterparts, SMB’s appetite for a cloud-first approach is much larger. We believe, however, that this will change, and organizations of all sizes will demand cloud-first for all services, including print management,” he added.

Migration to cloud applications has been very successful, in fact, too successful. Due to latency, bandwidth and locations where Internet connection is slow or unreliable, processing data closer to where the data lives using edge computing is now a matter of need. In the case of print, by processing the job locally on the company’s network, the company has extra peace of mind for their security and privacy concerns. The results of the survey indicate this need is well understood within SMB.

The full report which includes additional insights on how they view print management as part of Digital Transformation and participant demographics, can be downloaded from Y Soft’s website.

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