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SK Telecom, Dell launch 5G mobile edge computing solution – Telecom Lead

SK Telecom, in partnership with Dell Technologies, has launched an enterprise 5G mobile edge computing (MEC) solution – Petasus – targeting the global MEC market.
SK Telecom 5G in Korea

MEC enables ultra-low latency communication by reducing the distance of data transmission through the deployment of  small-scale data centers at the base station located in close proximity to users. MEC is useful for specialized 5G services such as smart factories, autonomous driving and immersive media.

By setting up 5G MEC within a factory, data that travels to and from the factory can be processed on site instead of having to go through the central data center located hundreds of kilometers away. This leads to reduced data transmission latency and errors, improved network efficiency and stability, and strengthened security.

The Petasus 5G MEC solution combines SKT’s 5G MEC solution and Dell PowerEdge servers. It provides network virtualization features specialized for MEC and operational tools. The solution will support integration with MEC solutions of other telcos and provides an app store-like feature for MEC services applications.

“Our collaboration with SK Telecom gives enterprises the capability to quickly act on data at where it resides, at the edge, to deliver better business outcomes,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business.

“Our 5G MEC technology has a huge potential as it can help boost the adoption of 5G services across the globe,” said Jihn-woo Kim, Vice President and Head of Global Business at SKT.

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