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Singtel launches industry’s first all-in-one platform for enterprise 5G edge computing and cloud services – Retail News Asia

Singtel expands its offering for the enterprise market with the launch of Paragon, a revolutionary platform that aggregates networks, edge computing, public cloud, and applications ecosystems to accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation.

Offering an all-in-one solution for digital transformation, Paragon seamlessly aggregates and manages low-latency networks and edge cloud resources, allowing enterprises to tap on Singtel’s 5G network to securely deploy applications across the edge at Singtel MEC and a public cloud of choice. Through a single interface, enterprises can activate network slices on demand, deploy mission-critical applications on Singtel MEC and access a robust ecosystem of partner applications.

This significantly reduces the complexity and time needed to adopt 5G MEC and low-latency applications and services, giving enterprises the agility, flexibility, and scalability needed to transform operations and adapt to new business models in a digital economy.

“Many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitalization while exploring and developing tailored 5G solutions for deployment in their industries. We understand the challenges and complexities that they face in managing the various networks, edge cloud applications, and services with the required cyber security, resiliency, and demanding service assurances required, cost-effectively. Paragon was conceived, developed, and delivered to help enterprises meet these needs through a single platform,” said Bill Chang, chief executive officer, group enterprise, Singtel.

One-stop digital transformation platform and strong 5G MEC ecosystem

Developed in-house, Paragon empowers enterprises to adopt Singtel’s 5G network to deploy their edge computing applications and services independently, securely, and within minutes. These capabilities are bundled on the platform to provide enterprises a unified experience, delivering always-on connectivity and low latency with high bandwidth throughout to support industry 5G use cases including advanced logistics and manufacturing, smart transportation, and real-time fleet management and monitoring.

Network 5G slices can be created almost instantly, autonomously, and as many times as needed. A network slice can be utilized only when needed for an intended duration to ensure cost optimization. Since enterprises pay only for what they use, Paragon reduces the operational and costs overhead otherwise incurred by businesses.

For enterprises, the benefits are a shorter innovation curve and time-to-market, as well as better performance and faster decision-making at the edge, critical for use cases including autonomous systems like robotics, drones, and vehicles, immersive, video-rich experiences and powerful real-time edge AI use cases. Already, Paragon is being deployed for testbeds in the public sector. For instance, 5G trial uses cases are underway at Singapore’s Sentosa to bring the about built environment and tourism transformations.

Through the Paragon Marketplace, which operates as an app store, Singtel’s ecosystem of partners can integrate their offerings through a robust industry-standard application programming interface (API) to rapidly build and deploy their solutions on the platform. As such, existing cloud-based 4G applications can migrate to 5G with ease. On the other end, end customers can easily source and adopt applications that solve their business challenges.

Plans are in the pipeline to scale Paragon regionally and globally with other telcos. Partners on board Paragon can extend their solutions to multiple markets. Through the Singtel Partner Programme, Singtel aims to co-create and test more innovative solutions, driving wider 5G adoption across markets to bring forward a 5G future.

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