SIMCom boosts the development of IoT in the metering industry


SIMCom boosts the development of IoT in the metering industry

SIMCom boosts the development of IoT in the metering industry

On November 12, the European Utility Week (EUW) 2019 was held in Paris. The event covered multiple topics, such as smart metering, smart grid and data management, in the energy sector, including gas, power and water services.

As a world-leading module supplier, SIMCom exhibited at the event with its latest modules and solutions, such as LPWA, 5G and LTE.

In the exhibition, SIMCom showcased an IoT ultrasonic gas meter in cooperation with the partners and the experts in the metering industry, attracting wide attention of the participants. This IoT ultrasonic gas meter is mainly used for the measurement of gas volume, where ultrasonic gas meter is used as the base meter, and SIMCom IoT communication module is used to realize remote data transmission and control. It supports accurate measurement, remote data transmission and real-time monitoring. More than that, it has certain warning functions, and helps the control platform to enable smart management, improve the management efficiency, and save human and time cost to a very large extent.

The product supporting the IoT transformation of this ultrasonic gas meter is the GPRS/GSM(2G) module SIM800C, which is the star product of SIMCom. Encapsulated with LCC, it supports 850/900/1800/1900Mhz frequency range, Bluetooth and voice functions, and features variable interfaces, such as RTC /UART /USB /GPIO /ADC /SD /SIM cards.

The innovation and development of IoT technology are facilitating a large-scale replacement of traditional meters by IoT smart meters. Hence a gradual switch from 2G towards NB-IoT. There is an increasing demand for meters with low power consumption, low delay and wide coverage. With the supply of 2G modules, SIMCom has launched a series of LPWA modules, such as NB-IoT & GSM module SIM7050 series, NB-IoT & GNSS module SIM7060 series, LTE CAT.M1 & NB-IoT module SIM7080G, latest small-sized LTE CAT.M1 & NB-IoT module SIM7090G and LTE CAT.M1 & NB-IoT & GSM module SIM7070 series and so on.

SIM7070X series module, which is based on Qualcomm’s new-generation narrow-band IoT cellular chip-MDM9205 and encapsulated with LCC, supports three modes and meets the networking demands in different vertical industries quite well. It meets 3GPP Rel.14 standard, and supports the functions of voice, TheadX/AliOS system, Openlinux and FOTA. Additionally, it interfaces with and is compatible with the mainstream cloud platform systems. In comparison to the module solution in the previous generation, the power consumption of SIM7070X series modules in PSM mode has been reduced by 70%. It features low power consumption. It is compatible with the 2G modules, such as SIM900 and SIM800F on the hardware. These have provided powerful technical support for the customers in R&D of new products, and can properly assist 2G customers to realize smooth upgrade and transition to NB-IoT.

From traditional 2G module to NB-IoT module, SIMCom has constantly boosted the development of IoT in the metering industry and provided stable and innovative technical support for the customers. With rapid development of IoT, we will help the customers to enjoy more market opportunities.

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