ScaleOut Software gives real-time analytics to Azure Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software gives real-time analytics to Azure Digital Twins
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ScaleOut Software is extending its Digital Twin Streaming Service to help customers get powerful real-time analytics from Azure Digital Twins.

Digital twins can be deployed using the solution on a highly scalable, in-memory computing platform in the cloud.

“We are excited to combine our in-memory computing technology with the popular Azure Digital Twins platform to deliver fast, scalable insights that help address real-time challenges across industries,” said Dr William Bain, ScaleOut Software’s CEO and founder.

“By incorporating this technology, ScaleOut Software is enabling a new wave of applications for Azure Digital Twins, and we look forward to helping our customers take full advantage of this integration to meet their real-time monitoring and streaming analytics capabilities.”

The integration with Microsoft’s cloud-based digital twin solution adds several real-time components. For example, rather than require the use of Azure’s serverless functions, the new extensions enable low-latency message ingestion and processing with immediate access to their corresponding Azure digital twin’s properties.

Code for message-processing can be written either using an intuitive rules-based language, or in C#, Java, or JavaScript.

This low-code philosophy extends to machine learning. No code is required to add powerful machine learning capabilities for monitoring incoming telemetry for anomalies by using Microsoft’s ML.NET library to incorporate algorithms.

Enhanced situational awareness, through real-time data aggregation and visualisation, ensures that managers can quickly identify and address emerging issues before they pose a larger problem.

Automatic persistence with Azure Digital Twins for offline storage adds to the robustness of the solution. On startup, they’ll retrieve their state from Microsoft’s cloud service.

Deep integration with the Azure IoT Hub also enables the components to directly process incoming messages for Azure Digital Twins without the need for applications to implement specific code to do so.

“We are excited to offer powerful machine learning capabilities for real-time digital twins that will make it even easier to immediately spot issues or identify opportunities across a large population of data sources,” added Bain.

“ScaleOut Software has built the next step in the evolution of the Microsoft Azure IoT and ML.NET ecosystem, and we look forward to helping our customers harness these technologies to enhance their real-time monitoring and streaming analytics.”

Taken altogether, the new extensions announced by ScaleOut Software of its Digital Twin Streaming Service unlocks powerful new capabilities for the emerging technology across a wide number of areas including predictive maintenance, logistics, telematics, disaster recovery, cyber and physical security, health-device tracking, IoT, smart cities, financial services, and e-commerce.

You can find out more about the Digital Twin Streaming Service here.

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