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Scale Computing To Deliver Enterprise Edge Solutions After Signing MOU With Intel – CIOReview

Scale Computing will supply Intel Authorized Distributors, reseller partners, systems integrators, and end-users with the Intel® NUC Enterprise Edge Compute (EEC) Edition, which is a fully integrated, simple to deploy, and administrate edge computing platform.

Fremont, CA: “By combining the power of Intel NUC EEC platform with the simplicity and reliability of Scale Computing, we provide organizations with on-premises edge computing with high availability and disaster recovery to remote locations in an affordable way,” comments Jeff Ready, CEO, and co-founder, Scale Computing. Scale Computing, an industry leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, and Intel have inked a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deliver the most advanced enterprise edge computing solutions. The objective of the cooperation is to deliver a fully integrated, easy-to-deploy, and manage edge computing platform for Intel Authorized Distributors, reseller partners, systems integrators, and end-users using the Intel® NUC Enterprise Edge Compute (EEC) Edition, designed with Scale Computing. During the Intel Vision 2022 event, Scale Computing will exhibit the new Intel NUC EEC technology.

Built with Scale Computing, Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute Edition is a powerful, all-in-one platform designed specifically for running applications at the edge. Scale Computing’s lightweight software is pre-installed on the Intel NUC EEC product for uncontrolled, non-IT environments and managed centrally via the Scale Computing user interface, making it simple to run applications wherever they are required and reducing the workloads of IT teams.

The Intel NUC EEC product can be deployed almost anywhere, without the need for a rack or server closet, as it was designed for sites that require highly available infrastructure outside of the data center. It provides a fully functional, integrated platform for running applications, including high availability clustering, rolling upgrades, and integrated data protection, while occupying only the space required to stack three smartphones. The cutting-edge construction and connectivity are ready for commercial, industrial, and Internet of Things applications. The extremely small form factor consumes little power, offers ease of installation, and the ability to rapidly add devices that scale up quickly, as well as the required dependability for edge computing and IoT applications.

With the award-winning Scale Computing software pre-installed, the Intel NUC EEC is the ideal solution for running mission-critical applications on-premises with immediate high availability. In addition to centralized fleet management, rolling upgrades, ease of deployment and VM creation, and automated intelligence for maximum uptime, the Scale Computing software also includes centralized fleet management.

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