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Red Hat Summit: Enterprise Linux 9, Cloud Edge, Accenture, More – Channel Futures

The open-source vendor is holding its annual event this week, and it has released an avalanche of news.

Red Hat Summit 2022 is Tuesday and Wednesday. Just in time for the event, the company released an avalanche of news. Channel partners who specialize in open-source platforms and services will want to get the scoop on those announcements. We’ve compiled those into the slideshow above just as Red Hat Summit kicks off.

Want some teasers for what’s happening at Red Hat Summit? Here you go.

Red Hat has a new version of its hybrid cloud platform, Enterprise Linux 9. Find out what it does differently from previous editions, and why the Red Hat Summit features so much emphasis on the new software. (Hint: It has to do with huge projections tied to enterprise spending.)

There’s also an important change to Red Hat Cloud Services and the security portfolio.

Next, find out how Red Hat is playing in edge computing and how the channel fits in.

There’s news, too, on the Ansible platform, as that relates to one of the Big 3 public cloud computing providers, plus a big announcement from Red Hat and Accenture.

Look for more from Channel Futures on the Red Hat Summit 2022 this week as the event continues.

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