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Quectel’s MediaTek-based 5G module RG500L-EU gains global certifications


Quectel's MediaTek-based 5G module RG500L-EU gains global certifications

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, announces that its industrial-grade 5G NR module RG500L-EU has gained GCF certification for operating on global 5G NR networks.

The GCF certification means that the RG500L-EU module can help customers to efficiently deploy their 5G high-speed IoT devices worldwide.

Based upon the MediaTek T750 platform, the RG500L-EU integrates a 5G NR FR1 modem and a quadcore Arm Cortex-A55 processor. By leveraging the powerful CPU performance of the T750 chipset, customer devices can improve their device processing performance as well as enable significant cost optimization.

“The global certification by the GCF confirms our commitment to provide our customers with best-in-class IoT solutions, no matter where they are in the world,” said Dominikus Hierl, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA. “Quectel continues to drive IoT innovation, providing the very best in 5G modules and delivering the innovation our customers have come to expect in order to develop their 5G IoT applications.”

The module supports dual carrier aggregation (2CC CA) at 200MHz frequency band. This capability to combine available 5G spectrum assets can greatly improve signal coverage and transmission rates. Additionally, the RG500L-EU module can achieve a peak downlink rate of 4.67Gbps and a peak uplink rate of 1.25Gbps, bringing smooth and super-fast 5G speed experience to end users.

The RG500L-EU supports EasyMesh™ and WPA3 R3 encryption protocol, enabling IoT devices with more stable, cost-efficient and secure wireless connections. The module also offers flexible Wi-Fi configuration combinations, including single 5G 2×2 + 2.4G 2×2 dual-band, single 5G 4×4 + single 2.4G 4×4 dual-band, as well as single 5G 4×4 (5G high frequency band) + single 5G 4×4 (5G low frequency band) + single 2.4G 4×4 tri-band.

Featuring a compact design and low power consumption, the RG500L-EU can help customers to reduce time-consuming procedures including fixed network and equipment installation. Its rich peripheral interfaces including SGMII, PCIe and PCM give customers maximum flexibility in their IoT solution designs. In combination with Quectel’s unique QuecOpen platform, the RG500L-EU also improves customer terminal development efficiency and accelerates their time-to-market.

The RG500L-EU adopts an 8-antenna solution with four 2.7GHz antennas and four n77/n78 dedicated antennas to provide terminals with stronger and more stable signals as well as higher peak download rates. The module can additionally provide high gain antenna covering n78 band to help with signal reception.

In addition to the GCF certification, Quectel’s 5G module RG500L-EU has also passed CE approval for the EU market as well as RCM approval for the Australian region. In the above areas, Quectel’s RG500L-EU module has already been chosen by customers to develop a variety of terminals including mobile hotspots, customer premise equipment (CPE), outdoor unit (ODU) and other 5G converged gateways and industrial gateways, which have been deployed in areas like industrial monitoring, remote collaboration, video conferencing, telemedicine, online education and many other fields.

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