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Product expert emphasizes need for distributed computing – Tribune Online

A product and analytics expert, Harish Srigiriraju has said that the benefits of 5G technology and its positive impact on the economy cannot be over-emphasized.

He stated this at a prominent conference in Africa related to IoT, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence. In this conference, Harish said that 5G is going to impact various industries and how companies will need to change their data strategy to obtain the benefits of 5G.

“5G will enable several new use cases related to drones, augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming, and connected cars. These new applications will be possible as 5G will provide significantly greater speeds along with low latency. 5G is being currently deployed rapidly across the world and is actively pursued by various governments to bring it to the forefront.

“Companies will have to plan for the transition to 5G in the coming few years and evaluate how their products and users will be impacted by 5G. Companies have to question themselves about what new IoT devices they could potentially use for their products and how they will manage the data generated from these devices and applications running on them.

Harish also noted that with the advent of 5G, companies will no longer be able to just rely on Public Cloud or Centralized Cloud computing. For managing low latency and reducing costs of storage in the Cloud, companies will have to use a combination of Edge Computing and Cloud Computing, a phenomenon referred to as distributed computing.

“Edge computing will allow for ultra-low latency that will enable connected cars or augmented reality. The concept of Edge Computing has recently gained popularity with 5G and buzz around Metaverse popularized by companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook).

He explained distributed computing with the example of a drone deployed for security. In this case, a large amount of video content will be generated constantly. The drone itself will not have the necessary ability to process videos instantly.

This video content can be processed at the Edge located close to the drone to instantly detect any intruders or anomaly that can be relayed back to the drone to take action. All the videos need not be sent to the Cloud as it will increase storage costs. Instead, selective data from videos can be sent to Cloud to improve the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of the drone.

Harish has developed a unique framework that provides guidelines on how companies can leverage both Edge Computing and Cloud computing to manage their data. According to him, companies need to first plan what data needs to be collected across various IoT devices and applications.

The companies need to then decide what data is processed on Edge vs. Cloud based on costs, latency, and data needed for Artificial Intelligence models. Lastly, companies can develop Analytical and AI models both on the Edge and Cloud to manage devices, uncover user behaviour and personalize the product for users. Companies and government organizations across the world can utilize these guidelines to manage distributed computing, ensuring a smooth and impactful transition to 5G.


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Product expert emphasizes need for distributed computing

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Product expert emphasizes need for distributed computing

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