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[Podcast] Multi-Access Edge Computing: Are We Ready for SLA-Guaranteed Low Latencies? | Spirent – The Fast Mode

As part of The Fast Mode podcast series, Tara Neal, Executive Editor at The Fast Mode spoke to Stephen Douglas, Head of Market Strategy at Spirent on the company’s latest report ‘‘Cutting Through the Edge Computing Hype – MEC Latency Expectations vs. Reality’. The report assesses operator readiness to deliver SLA-guaranteed low latencies which are critical in supporting a wide range of ultra-reliable low-latency applications (URLLC).

Stephen shares among others, the expectations among enterprises with URLLC applications on 5G latencies, and the gap between the supply and demand for such services. Stephen highlights the common misconceptions among enterprises on actual latencies experienced on today’s networks and the level of latencies required to support the full functionalities of their applications.

The podcast also discusses various industry verticals where SLA-guaranteed low latencies are most pertinent, including AR and VR, autonomous driving and industrial IoT.

Apart from this, the episode looks into trends around public and private MECs as well as the existing testing capabilities that operators can leverage to assess their readiness for SLA-guaranteed latency contracts.

Friday, 10 June 2022 09:51 / Podcasts / By Ray Sharma

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