Paris to install Bluetooth-powered public furniture across city with Nodle partnership

Metro stations and parks in Paris will see installation of 3,000 Bluetooth-enabled smart benches and other urban amenities that will transmit real-time data to help city officials keep a track of possible migration of these public properties between parks and different locations.

The city would run and oversee the project in collaboration with US-based IoT and connectivity network provider,

Nodle was approached by construction firm Groupe Saint Léonard to design and build the smart benches and public infrastructure at 68 new metro stations around Paris. Its new citizen network allows both consumers and city officials to interact with the Bluetooth-enabled urban furniture and structural installations via a mobile application.

Interacting with the benches allows city officials to analyse real-time data, such as location and frequency of use to detect peak times at main locations and adjust to city design consequently. Moreover, the Nodle network works seamlessly underground in the Metro and cuts down hardware and operating costs than alternative solutions like Cellular or Sigfox, the company has claimed.

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