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New Edge Computer for More Powerful, High-End Applications – Automation World

WAGO has expanded their family of Edge Devices with the introduction of the new 752-9800 Edge Computer.  As modern manufacturing facilities move toward digitalization, this industrial edge device can help increase plant floor performance by leveraging powerful applications operating in Docker Containers fed with harvested plant floor information. 

As an expanding technology, Edge computing combines the advantages of decentralized cloud architectures with those of local network architectures. This powerful industrial computer offers low latency control, a high level of determinism and simplified north/south connection with Cloud based services.

WAGO’s new Edge Computer is ideal for Linux users who want an industrial grade computer running their applications such as Node Red, Grafana, AI, digital twins and so much more. With a dual-core i7 Intel processor, 16GB RAM and 256GB flash, this device has the capacity to store large amounts of information as well as the flexibility to align to industrial hardware specifications.

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