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LONDON, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With converging trends in cloud, digital collaboration, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) increasing the volume of data large companies need to process; the shift towards edge computing has come to the forefront in 2019.
TMT Finance World 2019 – the global M&A and investment conference that brings together the leaders in telecoms, media and tech to assess the next investment strategies in digital infrastructure (November 27, London) – looks to discuss who is best placed to take advantage of the potential offered by edge computing as well as the collaboration opportunities between network operators, data centre companies and technology providers.“We’re now in a world where everyone is working to be more open and make their data accessible,” said Petrina Anne Steele, the Global Director of Emerging Ecosystems and Edge Technology at Equinix and speaker on the Edge Computing, Cloud and Data Centres Panel. “Third party data centres can no longer survive as remote islands. To be successful, tech and data centre providers are working more closely together to enable services at the distributed edge.”Gisle Eckhoff, CEO of datacentre provider, DigiPlex agrees. “We are also seeing a multi-cloud focus, with enterprises using two, three or even more cloud suppliers to run aspects of their IT. These trends are driving customers to look for more than just a data centre provider, but a partner who can help unlock opportunities and enable new strategies, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.”The potential offered by moving to the edge has seen a variety of operators adapting their business models to tackle the market demand through the different layers of the industry, particularly within datacentres.Olivier Micheli, CEO of European based data centre business, DATA4, believes that companies will soon be adopting a hybrid environment with a private cloud running confidential data and heavy applications, and public cloud for the rest. “Companies tend to use more and more cloud resources to be more agile, reduce investments and increase the time to market. The balance in a hybrid environment will vary from one company to another, but will grow as demand for personalisation increases.”And with more than a third of organisations seeing cloud investments as a top three investing priority and cloud system infrastructure is forecast to grow 27.5% in 2019 to reach $38.9 billion*. TMT Finance World 2019 will assess who is in line to capture this value.TMT Finance World 2019 is limited to 350 attendees and will feature 80 speakers across 25 sessions. Sponsored by EY-Parthenon, Digital Bridge, Digital Colony, Natixis, FTI Consulting, Q Advisors, Macquarie and the IFC, the conference offers key telecom infrastructure leaders, private equity investors and leading investment banking advisers to discuss new strategies for investing in infrastructure, cloud, 5G and other key subsectors within the global telecoms arena.There are a limited number of tickets still available, please visit for more information.Eugene Bergen Henegouwen, EMEA President at global interconnection and data centre company, Equinix and speaker on the Enterprise Cloud and Internet Infrastructure Panel concluded, “For businesses to stay ahead they will have to increase their use, analysis and processing of data, meaning data centres, and their use of them, will need to grow too. I am really looking forward to healthy debate and panel discussions at TMT World Finance this year. It’s great to see such a broad spectrum of people from across the industry coming together to tackle some of the most pressing issues our industry faces in the M&A and financing sector.”Read our full interview with Eugene Bergen Henegouwen, EMEA President of Equinix, Gisle M Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex, Olivier Micheli, CEO of DATA4 and Petrina Anne Steele, VP Business Development & Innovation EMEA, Equinix by visiting more information about TMT Finance World including tickets please visit or contact for speaker and sponsor opportunities.About TMT Finance
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