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Matter gets closer to becoming the ubiquitous smart home standard

Matter gets closer to becoming the ubiquitous smart home standard
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Matter is getting closer to becoming the ubiquitous standard for the smart home with two big updates from Apple and Google.

From Apple, we saw the release of the iOS and iPadOS 16.1 developer betas bring a new option for “Matter Accessories” in the Settings for each operating system:

Apple first announced that iOS 16 would support Matter back at WWDC, but now we’re beginning to see the first signs of real-world integration.

Selecting the new option brings up a page that will list Matter accessories that have been added to “a connected service”. Of course, right now that list will be empty as the final Matter standard isn’t due for release until sometime this autumn.

Google also launched its Google Home Developer Console this week, which aims to help developers build Matter smart home products.

In a blog post, Google claims its new console “provides everything needed to build intelligent and innovative smart home products with Matter. By simplifying the process of building Matter-enabled smart home products, you can spend more time innovating with your devices and less time on the basics.”

Alongside the Google Home Developer Console, the company launched two new SDKs:

  • Google Home Device SDK – extends the open-source Matter SDK with development, testing, and go-to-market tools.
  • Google Home Mobile SDK – a tool to build Android apps that connect directly with Matter devices.

The announcements from Apple and Google this week bring Matter much closer to achieving its goal of breaking down the barriers between connected devices to unlock the full potential of the smart home.

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