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Macrometa’s Inaugural Developer Week Invites Enterprise Developers To Build Apps And APIs On The Edge – PR Newswire

The next era of cloud is here – and it’s on the edge. Join Macrometa and Friends on November 7 – 11 to learn more about edge native best practices, how to build real-time data apps and APIs, and more using the Global Data Network, and get perspectives from edge cloud experts

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Macrometa Corporation, the first-of-its-kind Global Data Network (GDN) and edge computing cloud, today announced its first annual Developer Week, a week-long online async event for enterprise developers interested in building the next generation of globally-distributed, real-time applications and APIs. The week of November 7 will focus on transitioning from development for a single region (as is done today) to building applications that can receive, process, and serve data across a network of 1000s of data centers, cloud, edge, and telecom networks. It will feature tutorials and guides from partners like Akamai and Dish Networks, and customers AppSecEngineer, and DevCycle, to name a few. During Developer Week, Macrometa will reveal feature and product announcements and host technical content workshops and demos for real-time apps and APIs for web, mobile, IoT in SaaS, Web Services, developer tools, multi player gaming, video streaming, e-commerce, manufacturing and more.   

Despite the expansion of cloud and data centers around the globe, many developers are still forced to choose a single region to build and run their apps on. This means that users of those apps frequently suffer from poor performance with latencies in the hundreds if not thousands of milliseconds as data needs to be shipped to and from the cloud.  With increased data privacy sensitivities and the introduction of laws and regulatory frameworks, developers and architects need to adopt architectures that allow apps and APIs to run in many geographic regions at once instead of a single region.

“Edge computing solves this problem by bringing apps and APIs close to users with in-region hosting,” said Chetan Venkatesh, founder and CEO at Macrometa. “Cloud native development is still focused on the centralized model.To truly move into the next era of the cloud, developers need edge computing to bring their apps close to users, and edge native guidelines optimized for decentralized architectures. This is where the Macrometa GDN comes in. Our partners, sponsors, and customers participating in Developer Week share this vision of a bigger, better cloud built with developers and enterprises top of mind, to make application development and delivery on the edge a reality.”

During Developer Week, which will take place November 7 through 11, 2022, Macrometa will be announcing new products, features, and integrations aimed at making edge development easier and more accessible. The schedule is as follows:

  • November 7: What is the cutting edge and why does it matter
  • November 8: Macrometa product and release announcement including sample apps and demos for Search, Stream Workers, SQL Support, and more
  • November 9: Macrometa and Akamai strategic partnership and integration, including a fireside chat with Akamai CTO and workshops for EdgeWorkers and Stream Workers
  • November 10: See what companies are building on the GDN. Customers include Resulticks, AppSecEngineer,, and DevCycle, to name a few
  • November 11: Macrometa announces the imminent availability of Macrometa on the 5G telecom edge in partnership with DISH Network, a sneak peek into the 2023 Roadmap and Project DataBahn – our top secret data initiative, and a conversation with about the future of low code at the Edge

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About Macrometa

Macrometa is a Global Data Network (GDN) offering a Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute and Complex Event Processing engine, with In-Region Data Protection. Macrometa’s edge cloud platform helps enterprises and developers build real-time apps and APIs in minutes – not months. With over 175 points of presence (PoPs) around the world, organizations can store, process, and serve data within milliseconds of everyone on the planet. Macrometa brings data and consistency closer to users while maintaining a coordination-free architecture.

Macrometa was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California with team members in 14 countries around the world. Macrometa is backed by leading venture capital firms Pelion Ventures, DNX, BGV, Fusion Fund and Shasta Ventures who have invested $40M across 3 rounds since its founding. To learn more please visit

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