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Lumen’s Chris McReynolds on edge computing –

Chris McReynolds, VP of product management, cloud and data services at Lumen Technologies, joins the podcast to discuss Lumen’s approach to edge computing and what’s driving edge use cases among enterprise customers.

“We have a lot of distributed physical locations where we can deploy edge computing nodes, we have a lot of fiber connectivity to manufacturing locations, logistics and sorting centers – the types of locations where these edge and IoT use cases make a lot of sense and add a lot of business value,” said McReynolds.

In addition to building out edge computing locations to “cover 95% of enterprises in North America,” Lumen has invested in its network and compute layers and “automated a lot of the network over the past three or four years for an SDN-enabled network,” said McReynolds. He emphasized Lumen’s efforts to focus both on the physical and virtual infrastructure to support edge computing use cases.

Here are just a few things covered in this podcast episode:

  • Lumen’s strategy and approach to edge computing (01:36)
  • Deploying edge computing sites to improve latency (04:58)
  • Enterprise use cases for edge computing (07:37)
  • Partnerships with T-Mobile and other service providers and vendors (10:24)
  • Lumen’s Edge Private Cloud, Edge Gateway and Edge Bare Metal (12:46)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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