Lumen Launches New On-Demand Edge VMs – The Fast Mode

Lumen Technologies is continuing to invest in edge computing on the Lumen platform to give businesses more choice on where they can deploy applications and workloads at the edge, closer to digital interactions. 

Lumen is now offering Lumen Edge Virtual Machines (VM), giving businesses access to on-demand compute, storage, and secure networking, to run their next-generation applications with high performance and at scale. Lumen Edge VM is available on the Lumen Marketplace and integrates seamlessly with the company’s comprehensive edge portfolio.  

Speed Read: 

 – To help businesses deliver enhanced customer experiences, Lumen is bringing a turn-key solution to meet the challenges of deploying and running next-generation applications.

 – Lumen Edge VM provides flexibility, value, and availability. Businesses get value from having access to a variety of compute configurations and storage to support a range of application sizes, backed with management and orchestration tools. 

 – Lumen Edge VM runs on the Lumen platform, underpinned by the Lumen fiber network. Through a single provider, businesses can get the low latency capabilities that compute-intensive, next-generation applications require. 

 – Lumen Edge VM brings flexibility of execution venues for workloads and applications at the edge. Businesses can access distributed compute services across dispersed markets, providing the availability needed to work and collaborate across expanded geographies.

Lumen Edge VM offers support for multiple operating systems and a wide range of configurations and storage using open-source technology.

Lumen Edge VM can be managed through Lumen Edge Orchestrator, alongside other Lumen edge services and public cloud services from AWS, Microsoft, and Google.The “as-a-service” solution helps businesses lower expenses with a pay only for usage model across a range of compute requirements, and no capital expenditure required. 

Dave Cooper, senior vice president, edge computing, Lumen Technologies
Growing digital businesses need infrastructure that gives them the level of compute power they need – where, when, and how they need it. The Lumen platform provides just that. And with Lumen Edge VM, businesses have a flexible, on-demand compute solution on the Lumen platform. It gives the power of orchestration and connectivity across hybrid IT environments, providing a unique combination of benefits – increased agility and reliability, plus reduced latency, enhanced security, and low cost.

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