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Location-based Process Automation: KINEXON OS Key Features and Use Cases for Production and Logistics

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Today’s manufacturing and logistics operations are complex, and often include thousands of assets, containers, and tools moving along assembly lines, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. Often times, their navigation involves countless human interactions like manual scans. In times of unpredictable supply chain disruptions, ever-changing customer preferences, and fast-paced innovation cycles, automating these manual processes is becoming a key priority across industries. Location-based Process Automation (LPA) is an innovative solution that addresses these challenges by improving operational efficiency, speed, and quality via location data such as BLE, UWB, or GPS across their supply chain.

From traditional asset tracking, to search and find, to fully customizable use cases such as material flow automation, container management, or tool control, LPA offers unlimited and scalable potential to automate manual processes. This does not only yield higher precision, quality, and production speed, but simultaneously offers insights for predictive analytics and end-to-end visibility over all moving assets along the supply chain.

In this webinar, we will walk through the various use cases that our LPA software KINEXON OS enables and discuss the various features that make KINEXON OS the leading enterprise software for customizable, intuitive, and scalable IIoT solutions with a fast ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the full potential of location data for process automation
  • Understand how LPA software can help save time, money, and resources
  • Explore features and use cases of LPA software KINEXON OS
  • How you can drive automation in production and logistics by breaking down existing data silos with little programming knowledge
  • See live how to set up features and use cases in KINEXON OS


Stefan Biermeier (Head of Business Development & Product S, KINEXON) 
Stefan is Head of Global Business Development and Product Strategy at KINEXON. His expertise is based on his profound knowledge of product management and sales that he built throughout a long career in various positions at Jungheinrich, a global manufacturing leader in material handling equipment.

Christian Schermer (Product Manager Industries, KINEXON) 
Christian is a Product Manager at KINEXON and has worked for the company in various positions since 2018. His main expertise and experience is the elaboration of end-to-end use cases for the development of new software products to optimize production and logistics processes. Christian researched the impact of location data capturing in modern system architectures in his graduate studies.

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