Litmus Secures $7M in New Funding Led by Mitsubishi for Development of Edge Computing – The Fast Mode

Litmus Automation, an Industrial Edge Computing platform provider, announced it has completed a $7 million Series A round of financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation.  

The investment brings Litmus Automation’s total funding since launching its secure Industrial Edge Computing platform to $12.6 million and will help the company quickly ramp up sales and marketing efforts to meet the demand for companies ready to move to Industry 4.0. 

Litmus Automation had been working with Mitsubishi and their subsidiary when the investment discussions began after they saw the early interest in the market for Litmus Automation products.  

Litmus Automation’s LoopEdge Industrial Edge Computing platform helps customers seamlessly integrate and analyze their industrial devices from edge to cloud. LoopEdge allows industrial customers to connect to any type of PLC or industrial system, with the ability to collect, process and analyze data at the Edge with a marketplace of applications, and secure connectivity to the Cloud or other enterprise integrations. Loop EdgeManager enables data aggregation in the Cloud or On-premise, with built-in analytics and real-time visualization of data, and for secure lifecycle management and deployment of Edge devices. 

Takao Shinohara, GM, Mitsubishi
We are confident in their excellent team and their ability to help companies realize the value of Industry 4.0 quicker and more effectively than any other provider.  They already have key customers and OEM channels in place and we look forward to helping them expand.

Vatsal Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Litmus Automation
Our Edge Computing platform will allow them to take advantage of intelligence at the edge quickly and with an eye on future service such as predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence.

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