Litmus, ProcessMiner Collaborate to Offer Edge Computing and AI Platforms for Manufacturing – The Fast Mode

Litmus, the Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for IIoT, and ProcessMiner, an artificial intelligence platform for manufacturing, this week announced a partnership to cross-promote their industry-leading platforms to offer manufacturers a solution that includes real-time data collection, analysis, prediction and process recommendations for continuous improvement.

Litmus provides the data intelligence platform to quickly collect, normalize and analyze high volumes of live data from industrial assets and make it available to OT and IT systems via edge-to-enterprise integration. The ProcessMiner program uses machine learning and sensor data to model, predict and prescribe process control recommendations for product quality improvement purposes. 


One of the unique benefits of the Litmus platform is the bidirectional data and signal delivery capabilities for machines on the factory floor. The Litmus platform quickly collects and normalizes data in real-time at the edge.

After Litmus delivers data to the ProcessMiner platform, the corrective action or recommendation signals can securely and automatically be sent back to the appropriate machine controller using Litmus Edge. Those signals drive process control activities on the machine automatically, delivering corrective action(s) in real-time.

Under terms of the agreement, both organizations will promote their respective platform capabilities throughout the manufacturing industry.

Karim Pourak, CEO and Co-Founder, ProcessMiner
As customers invest in technology to improve product quality, reduce scrap rates and improve yield, secure access to the incoming data has to be accurate and normalized to ensure the integrity of our predictions and recommendations downstream. Litmus solves that problem for us.

John Younes, Co-Founder and cOO, Litmus
Process improvement is one of the primary goals for our customers and partnering with ProcessMiner allows us to give them an even stronger offering with cutting-edge AI technology.

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