Launching an AI Project Calls for Careful Scoping

An original Cray-1 Supercomputer is on display at the Living Computers, a computer museum in Seattle.

Channel partners are finding themselves in advisory roles as more customers think about launching an AI project. New approaches are emerging to help get AI deployments off the ground, suggested speakers at the AI World Government conference held recently in Washington, DC.

Arti Garg, emerging market and technology director at Cray, the supercomputer-maker based in Seattle, suggested enterprises break down the task of launching an AI project into three steps: 

Arti Garg of Cray

Define the problem. Define a high-value problem you are trying to solve. During this step, an organization may find that the problem is not a good fit for AI, or that it needs a stepping stone project before it can use AI.

Define data requirements. Data fuels AI deployments, but organizations may struggle with data management. “Once you do know what you are solving, think about the data you have … and the data that you need to solve the problem,” Garg said.

Selecting vendors. The market research firm Cognilytica has identified nearly 3,000 AI vendors. Narrow the list of vendors capable of addressing your requirements, by first defining the problem you are addressing and the data needed to solve it. 

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