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KNX seeks to connect all smart home appliances


The KNX Association has used this week’s IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona to launch a new solution to connect all major smart home devices, including those from Apple, Google, Amazon and Philips. Report by Antony Savvas.

KNX is a standard backed and used by 500 manufacturers globally involved in the provision of smart building technology, and is said to be currently integrated into 8,000 different products.

At the KNX launch, association CEO Heinz Lux says, “Semantic connectivity for all IoT products in the world is coming.

“For our industry, we are offering a combination of IPV6, KNX IoT project deployment experience and semantic software to offer our KNX IoTech solution.

“As a result, the smart home products from the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon and Philips can all be connected for the first time without any complicated router or gateway appliances.”

“He adds, “KNX does not want to replace any of these brands, we just want them to communicate with each other, using our ETS tool and our software sitting on top of them.”

Up to now, said Lux, many existing smart home appliances have “basically been proprietary”, through not working with rival solutions.

“We can support this technology in 20 languages and with extensive security,” adds Lux.

So far, there hasn’t been any official response from the main smart home appliance suppliers targeted by KNX’s move, but Apple’s will be particularly interesting, considering the integration of its products with others’ isn’t usually made that easy.

The author is Antony Savvas, a global freelance business technology journalist.

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