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February 16, 2022

Edge computing jobs

Job alert for working professionals who are looking for edge computing jobs in Feb

Edge computing is emerging as one of the top advanced technologies for companies to adopt for effective digital transformation. It has opened a plethora of opportunities to working professionals to seek jobs in edge computing with lucrative salary packages. Multiple edge computing companies, as well as edge computing startups, are highly interested to recruit perfect candidates while announcing edge computing vacancies. Thus, let’s explore some of the top edge computing jobs to apply for in February 2022.

Top edge computing jobs in February 2022

IoT Architect- Edge Computing (Gateway and Connectivity) at Bosch

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: The architect needs to understand the business needs to convert into technical specifications, demonstrate ownership in ensuring technical solutions, as well as create Proofs-of-Concept to show viable solutions. It is needed to review deliverables for appropriate recommendations to the team while delivering insights for continuous improvements.

Qualifications: The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with more than five years of experience in IoT connectivity protocols and IoT platforms. There should be experience in designing and implementing end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines with sufficient knowledge of design patterns, RBAC, SAS, Gateway Software Development, and OSGI framework.

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Software Engineer_Azure Edge Computing at Microsoft

Location: Shanghai

Responsibilities: The engineer needs to work on in-depth technical areas to develop growth in the world-class software engineering team every day. It is required to work with the team that owns Storage Services in Edge Zones for innovating the best technologies from Azure.

Qualifications: There should be a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any technical field with more than three years of practical experience in the implementation of product-quality code and tests, programming language, and coding.

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Sr. Solution Architect- Edge Computing at Amazon

Location: San Francisco

Responsibilities: The architect needs to promote customer-centric edge solutions while driving innovation across all industries. It is required to collaborate across AWS teams to drive solutions and develop repeatable products and offering while providing insight and driving strategic outcomes for the business.

Qualifications: There should be an advanced degree in engineering or any technical field with more than 15 years of experience in telecommunication and over 10 years with complex system integration projects. More than five years of experience is needed with advanced technologies while having a strong understanding of multi-access edge computing.

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Edge Cloud Solution Architect at Intel

Location: Santa Clara

Responsibilities: The architect needs to manage stakeholders across IOTG, and other teams as an expert in bedrock technologies of virtualization, workload consolidation, and software-defined edge solutions. It is required to build new Proofs-of-Concept to incubate state-of-the-art cloud technologies to comprehend end-to-end use cases.

Qualifications: There should be a Bachelor’s/Master’s/Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or any technical field with more than nine years of work experience and over six years of experience in hardware platforms and software ingredient stacks, virtualization technologies, agile software engineering, and a background in operating systems internals.

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Technical Consultant: IoT and Edge Computing at IBM

Location: Noida

Responsibilities: The consultant is needed to create and deliver solutions in Industry 4.0, solution conceptualization, and for the development of IIoT projects. The responsibility is to develop a first-of-a-kind solution while driving client discussions.

Qualifications: There should be more than nine years of experience in the industry and a minimum of four years in IIoT. Sufficient experience is required in integrating industrial connectors, industrial sensors, edge computing, IoT protocols, PLC, and many more.

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Edge Computing Analyst at Koch Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: The analyst needs to provide support for Koch’s edge computing platform, manage device state management of the fleet of edge computing devices, and experiment with new technologies. It is required to utilize a consistent DevSecOps approach while monitoring and improving building and deployment processes.

Qualifications: There should be a high-school diploma with an associate’s degree in an IT-related field or more than three years of experience. The applicant must have three to five years of experience in Ansible, Python scripting, AWS, and many more as well as three to four years of experience in container technologies, broker application, DNS, and so on.

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Edge Computing Application Lead at Accenture

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: It is needed to lead the effort to design and build applications while acting as the primary point of contact.

Qualifications: There should be a BE/B. Tech/ or PG in any ML/AI courses with 12-15 years of work experience in connected device end-point architecture, communication in IoT model, network architecture, programming language, and many more.

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