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Is a Multi-Cloud Solution Right for Your Business? – Data Center Frontier

A future ready multi-cloud solution gives you all the flexibility you need while optimizing cloud spend and strengthening security across all cloud environments. (Image: Shutterstock)

A new white paper from Opus:Interactive outlines best practices for assessing whether a multi-cloud solution is right for your business.


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The pandemic showed just how imperative it is for IT teams to be able to react quickly to changing conditions, according to a new white paper from Opus:Interactive.

They note that “an agile digital transformation strategy provides the best chance for your organization to adapt quickly now while also emerging from this and other challenging periods stronger and faster than your competitors.”

One way to ensure you have an agile, scalable, and secure infrastructure is by having a future ready cloud. The paper asserts that “a multi-cloud strategy delivers the flexibility your organization needs to address both short- and long-term digital transformation goals.”

The ability to align technology investments with business goals is now a strategic imperative because future ready organizations have an advantage. – Opus:Interactive, “Hybrid and Multi-Cloud IT Executive Buyer’s Guide

To help businesses understand if a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy is right for them, Opus:Interactive presents a five-step approach to help IT leaders assess their needs both now and in the future. In the white paper, they present a series of checklists.

The first assessment helps users determine if a multi-cloud solution is right for them. The author presents use case questions about application migration and modernization, data center modernization, developer-ready infrastructure, cloud operations, and scale and disaster recovery.

They say that if more than 4 of the use cases are applicable now or in the future, you should “consider a multi-cloud solution that delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations as well as a cloud operating model for new and traditional applications wherever you deploy them.”

Other checklists included in the white paper help users evaluate priorities around multi-cloud operations, private cloud capabilities, and public cloud capabilities.

Download the full report to get the checklists and additional information on multi-cloud solutions for your business.

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