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Industrial IoT Evolution at the Edge Picks Up the Pace with IOTech’s Edge Xpert 2.1 Supporting EdgeXFoundry – IoT Evolution World

With the transformative influence of IoT innovation over various industries, there have been a plethora of new solutions pioneered that have evolved how many sectors operate, increasing their overall efficiency and improving the quality of service. However, to enable this, the necessity for communications between microservices at the edge has always been paramount to provide stable and reliable services for companies leveraging this kind of unprecedented technology.

Endeavoring to accommodate this, the edge software company IOTech recently announced the availability of their industrial IoT solution, Edge Xpert 2.1. Supporting EdgeX Foundry, Edge Expert effectively utilizes redesigned architecture new APIs and includes additional key features to enable commercial deployments. In conjunction with other members within the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry community, the release marks the first general availability version supporting major architectural improvements that have been developed.

Keith Steele, IOTech founder and CEO, stated, “IOTech is proud to have played a leading role in the development of version 2 of the open source EdgeX Foundry platform,” he continued, “This version of Edge Xpert is the first availability of our commercial product that brings this exciting technology to the wider industrial market. The growing IOTech customer base can now benefit from these new APIs and improved data flow that deliver many performance and scalability enhancements.”

Specialized in building and deploying vendor-neutral software platforms and tools, IOTech operates on enabling organizations to benefit from “Openness, Flexibility, and Choice at the IoT Edge.” Through this, they support the rapid development, deployment, and efficient management of applications that continue to drive their dominance at the IoT edge and further accentuate IoT innovation, adoption, velocity, and scale. Products from the company address the entire spectrum of edge computing requirements, resulting in considerably diminished time to market and lowered partner costs for several vertical IoT industries.

Currently deployed in numerous industrial IoT solutions across vertical markets, including manufacturing, transportation, building automation, and smart venue management. IOTech combines commercial support for the new EdgeX Foundry technology with key added-value features for commercial deployments, making Edge Xpert suitable for deployment in large industrial systems. 

Edge Xpert reaches the forefront of edge computing platforms by providing a comprehensive yet open and extensive solution hosting a myriad of exclusive features and extensive benefits, including:

  • Connect and Control Devices
  • Open Choice of Analytics
  • Cloud and IT System Agnostic
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Run on Any Device
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Active Community and Ecosystem
  • Security as Standard

Exercising this technology, companies can provision the prolonged, secure, and reliable use of edge analytics, decision making, control, and visualization with standard APIs and the capability to further integrate with multiple OT device protocols, IT, and cloud systems.

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