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Hurify Launches Next Generation Platform with Improved User Experience to Scale the Adoption of IoT Marketplace and IoT Developer Community

Hurify Launches Next Generation Platform with Improved User Experience to Scale the Adoption of IoT Marketplace and IoT Developer Community

October 23, 2019

Hurify Launches Next Generation Platform: We worked behind the screens for the past year to improve the supply chain challenges and the user experience of the Hurify platform. We carried a single purpose goal to resolve all the business and technology problems with our current platform. Today, we are announcing the launch of Hurify 2.0. 

A public blockchain, the most commonly used blockchain, is a decentralized open blockchain where anyone can participate. Examples of these types of blockchain are the Ethereum and Bitcoin. Anyone in the blockchain can read and send a transaction. Any updates to the data have to be approved by all the nodes in the network. This process builds trust in the system. Hence it is decentralized and distributed by nature. In this type of blockchain, anyone can join the blockchain network as long as they have a client. The transactions are secured through the cryptographic method. The public blockchain has its cons – scalability is limited, and TPS is low, and the cost is high. The public blockchain is completely transparent and offers incentives like mining and faster payment processing.

Hurify 2.0 aims to provide a much better user experience with a vast set of industry-standard tools integration. Hurify 2.0 will function as two independent platforms, each offering unique functionality, namely E-commerce & IoT Developer Community.  


  • The e-commerce part is becoming an independent platform built with industry-standard software components. 
  • The products on the e-commerce store focus on end-user or consumer products. 
  • The vendors are third-party vendors who will sell their products on the Hurify platform. Currently, most of them are from China.
  • Hurify will ship the products to the U.S., Canada, and European customers only now. 
  • Shipments are guaranteed to be made within 5-7 business days. If a vendor does not ship within this period, Hurify will issue a refund.
  • Payment options will be in FIAT via Stripe payment processing gateway and Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash with BitPay Payment Processing Gateway. 
  • Hurify Affiliate program is being launched to allow marketing affiliates to promote Hurify marketplace products and earn sales commission for their referral sale. The payout currency preference and choice can be set in the affiliate dashboard.

Hurify E-commerce is live here.

IoT Developer Community

Hurify community functionality will become a separate platform. Hurify community focuses on community engagements to grow the IoT Talent pool. 

The community platform aims to have capabilities like

  • Build a developer profile and share IoT project work through blogs, images & videos.
  • Independent workgroups and interest areas for each domain and specialty with the IoT.  
  • IoT knowledge sharing area will provide IoT related news feeds. 
  • Enables various opportunities to participate in polls, share content, and earn points. 

Hurify community is scheduled to go live shortly.

As Hurify Launches Next Generation Platform, all current users of the Hurify platform will have to undergo a new registration process. 


  • Hurify operates the IoT Blockchain marketplace as Hurify Digital Markets, Inc with its H.Q. in the United States.
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