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How the Hybrid Cloud Has Inspired Edge Cloud Computing – Acceleration Economy

In episode 13 of the Cutting Edge podcast, Leonard discusses the hybrid cloud and how it has inspired the emergence of edge cloud computing. In this episode, Leonard covers:

  • How the hybrid cloud is a gateway to the edge cloud
  • The future of the hybrid cloud


00:48 — According to AWS, only 10% of IT workloads have migrated to the cloud after a decade.

01:17 — Hybrid cloud is a unified environment of at least one public and one private cloud. The idea behind a hybrid cloud is about integrating a cloud service provider’s managed environment with an enterprise-managed IT environment.

01:46 — Major cloud providers, specifically IBM, came to the realization that the hybrid cloud is the safest bet for the future of enterprise computing. IBM was the first hybrid cloud provider.

02:45 — Hybrid cloud isn’t just stopping at the enterprise data center. Leonard says “it is becoming a thing at the very edge of businesses.”

03:00 — In the future, business users will continue to see the expansion of hybrid clouds across the edge, especially as enterprises continue to look for ways to extend their IT environments closer to where their business is happening — which happens to be the edge.

04:04 — In many ways, Leonard says the future of the hybrid cloud is already here.

Key Takeaways for C-Suite

04:17 — Hybrid clouds are the future of edge computing. C-suite executives should be clear on what it means as the nature of the cloud is always changing.

04:32 — Hybrid clouds are an important factor in the ongoing change and spawning new paradigms of edge computing.

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