How AI Can Help Redesign the Employee Experience

Will robots replace human taskforce? What is the role of artificial intelligence in relation to the employee of tomorrow? There are so many advantages that one gets carried away and does not stop to think about the shortcomings. Dealing with the overwhelming growth in employee data is the major factor to consider when one thinks about Employee Experience (EE).

See the view from the AI perspective for a moment

There are inherent advantages obvious to many but worth mentioning anyway. Though the onus is on mimicking human behavior, it follows the same grading mechanism based on the complexity of the task. But, since it decreases hiring biases, HR departments love it since the decision making at the initial level is out of their hands.Image title

Streamlines onboarding of employees

New employees are full of doubts regarding pay, the scope of the work, benefits, and all. Chatbots will not mind repeating the answers countless times so the newcomers go back relieved with answers to all their questions. They also help with office tours and on-the-job training. New-hire paperwork is handled efficiently and fast. This allows the employees to join up for work faster.

Increases retention rates of employees

The hiring process is sped up by the use of AI, which provides deep insights into many aspects including relationship and worker performance at the workplace based on character and behavior. This predictive analysis helps employers select the right candidate for the right job. Traits of successful employees are predicted by AI algorithms for effective placement.

Attract better-qualified candidates

Competing companies will try to get the best candidates. Leveraging AI will help employers gain useful insights into recruiting methods and attracting the top talent. Employers learn how to reduce time and dominate the market so the candidates find it beneficial to join their company. Manual screening of resumes and identifying the right candidate becomes less cumbersome and time-consuming when one uses AI for the task.

Engagement is better, which helps build good relationships

AI can help foster meaningful relationships with new recruits and also among existing employees. This is due to the deep analysis that eliminates needless interferences. Coaching classes for employees and business meetings are better scheduled and carried out with the help of AI.

Potholes on the AI highway

One could consider a few things that might be seen as shortcomings. For instance, a few customers might not relish the idea of sharing their personal opinions with a robot. Then again, it is an easy, efficient, and fast way to store your personal data in the store database. And then, there are those who miss talking to a human customer relationship manager when they need to look up some information when they are shopping. The World Economic Forum predicts AI will displace 75 million jobs done currently by humans. But, since AI will create 133 million new jobs, the figure is palatable.

Apart from these minor hiccups, the new era store helpers brighten up the horizons of shopping and online interaction in a unique way. It is as if one is hooked up to a computer through your computer (isn’t it the truth, literally?), and that makes a world of difference.   

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