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HKSTP and Infineon Launch Co-Incubation Program to Propel Startups to Success –

Article By : Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp.

HKSTP has partnered with Infineon to fulfil the innovation potential of startups seeking to unlock huge microelectronics potential of the Greater Bay Area.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. (HKSTP) has partnered with Infineon Technologies Hong Kong Ltd in a strategic co-incubation program to fulfil the innovation potential of up-and-coming startups seeking to unlock huge microelectronics potential of the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

The three-year program is aimed at nurturing high-potential startups in the fast-growing microelectronics sector, fueled today by surging growth in mobility, edge computing and smart city developments. Infineon has become park company of HKSTP since 2014 and located in the Hong Kong Science Park. As a global leader in energy efficiency, mobility, security, IoT and big data technologies, Infineon is the ideal partner in grooming startups and partnering with them to transform innovative ideas into marketable products and solutions.

This latest partnership is one of HKSTP’s series of co-incubation programs with sector leaders in industry, government, academia and technology to support startups with the full capabilities of this powerful innovation network.

“HKSTP is partnering world-class innovators like Infineon to provide crucial support and opportunities to high-potential startups facing the most critical stage of growth in their innovation journey. We invite passionate ambitious students and innovators from around the world to join our growing eco-system offering world-class expertise, infrastructure and capabilities to fast-track microelectronics commercialization and adoption. Partnerships like this will further elevate Hong Kong and the GBA as a global hub for advanced electronics innovation, manufacturing and market opportunity,” said Albert Wong, CEO at HKSTP.

David Poon, Senior Vice President & Greater China Head of Power & Sensor Systems, Infineon Technologies and Managing Director, Infineon Technologies Hong Kong, said, “As one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in the world, Infineon plays a key role in making life easier, safer and greener – with microelectronics that link the real and the digital worlds. This co-incubation partnership with HKSTP enables us to work with leading startups at the cutting edge of innovation to help them progress towards success, while adding incredible value to our own mission to leverage the power of microelectronics in shaping the business and world of tomorrow.”

The toughest period for many early-stage startups is when turning their ideas into viable product and finding use cases to drive market adoption. Testing, pilot trials, exploring market opportunities require extensive time, effort, infrastructure and critical partnerships.

With the launch of the co-incubation program, Infineon will share their expertise through conducting a series of theme-specific training sessions on power and sensor systems; cooperate with the right startup partners on various trial projects and driving new business opportunities; and leverage their leading-edge technologies to create more value for the start-up community in Hong Kong.

Over the past few years, Infineon has been actively collaborating with the HKSTP on various activities such as the building of the HKSTP Data Analytics Platform, utilizing Infineon radar sensors in applications relating to smart people flow management systems, smart building access & lighting management systems and smart parking systems, all of which help to enhance the development of smart city environments. Infineon has an extensive list of existing partners covering many of these areas that highlight the cutting-edge microelectronics innovation that the co-incubation aims to emulate.

Startups joining the HKSTP-Infineon Co-incubation program can also leverage dedicated testing and market validation facilities at HKSTP to further accelerate the journey to growth and success. The HKSTP Sensor Lab provides a dedicated hardware hub to support the full research and development cycle of micro sensors and associated devices, including sensor design, fabrication and pilot runs, packaging, and testing. While HKSTP’s STP Platform helps startups and corporate partners to co-create, realize and visualize technology at its full potential. Extensive data collaboration and virtual lab capabilities allow startups to test, pilot and validate their technology in simulated and real-life user scenarios.

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