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Hammer Of The Gods launches low-code platform for secure edge computing – PRNewswire

For the past year the HOT-G team has been focused on the closed beta of their developer experience tools and have been working with the community of open source devs, students at several prominent hackathons, and early adopters in the areas of:

  • securing edge deployments
  • reliable builds for the edge devices
  • and MLOps for the edge devices

We are at an inflection point where enterprises with sufficient data are now building machine learning models making them their IP. The data will be kept private on their environments, but distributing and safeguarding their IP (models) is still a hard problem. In this regard, Hammer Forge also serves as a licensible cloud native SecOps platform for enterprises to secure, protect, and deploy their IP on devices.

The developer experience to deploy models on the Edge requires you to know several different frameworks from React-Native, Obj-C/Gradle, C++, Tensorflow, Python and more. With Hammer Forge, we are making EdgeML development accessible to more developers with a No-Code environment.“- Co-Founder and CTO, Kartik Thakore.

Hammer Forge is based on HOT-G’s open source framework called Rune, that runs on the edge devices.

Demand to move to the edge is surging from the need to address privacy, security, latency, and growth of capable hardware, but we are still at the very beginning of this Big Bang stage. HOT-G is looking ahead by solving problems we will run into managing secure production edge computing workloads while still making the developer experience simple and awesome. – Co-Founder and CEO, Akshay Sharma.

About Hammer of the Gods (HOT-G)
Based out of Palo Alto, CA, HOT-G, is building the distributed infrastructure and developer experience tools paving the way for secure production-ready edge computing deployments. The founding team previously built several companies, including most recently, a Palo Alto-based healthcare AI company which was acquired by Sharecare Inc. in 2021. The team previously developed federated learning, privacy preserving technologies, and zero-trust security infrastructure for healthcare.

The company has raised money from Quiet Capital, Amino Capital, S2 Capital, and other prominent Silicon Valley angel investors.

[1] The edge computing market size is expected to grow from USD

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