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Feit Electric swoops in to save LIFX

Feit Electric swoops in to save LIFX
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Feit Electric has swooped in to quite literally keep the lights on at LIFX.

Buddy Technologies, the parent company of smart lighting firm LIFX, went into administration earlier this year.

Good samaritans quickly got to work writing guides for LIFX customers on how to locally control their lights if the firm’s servers are switched off. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be needed.

Global lighting firm Feit Electric has acquired the LIFX brand and promises to support existing products.

Alan Feit, President of Feit Electric, said:

“This acquisition is about fueling the LIFX vision of reinventing lighting.

LIFX focused on the user experience, saying we deserved something better than the boring old light bulb. And then they delivered! LIFX products offer industry-leading bright vibrant colors, the coolest features that are fun to use, and lots of advanced control options while making it effortless and intuitive.

We are excited to keep that momentum going with even more revolutionary products and new app features deserving of the LIFX brand. I can’t wait to continue what they started.”

Feit Electric says that it will launch new LIFX products and evolve the brand’s app and cloud platform.

The acquisition of LIFX’s brand will be a relief to existing customers while its continued market presence will help to drive industry-wide innovation.

“We hope this move for the brand will reassure users and customers who have been nervous in the last couple of months about the continuity and continuation of the LIFX experience and ecosystem,” wrote an anonymous LIFX employee on the brand’s Reddit community page.

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