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Fall 2022 Research Update – iSchool | Syracuse University – Syracuse University

iSchool faculty are leading conversations in the information field across the globe. They publish, present, and contribute their expertise in myriad way throughout the year. See where our faculty have been active this fall:

Carlos Enrique Caicedo Bastidas

Conference paper/presentation

J. Choi, C. Caicedo “A Comparative Analysis of Seven Smart City Development Projects: Institutional, Economic, Technical, and Policy Perspectives”, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), January 2023.

Research talk/presentation

Presented new research results and progress on  “Prediction and Management of Communication Resources in a Dynamic UAV Traffic Environment” on behalf of the SU and Thales team at the meeting of the NSF-sponsored I/UCRC called ASIC (Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing) The meeting took place at the Duke University campus.  Was also invited to and attended the launch of the new NSF AI Institute for Edge Computing (Athena) for which Duke is the lead institution.

EunJeong Cheon

Two full papers and one workshop have been accepted for CSCW’22:

EunJeong Cheon, Eike Schneiders, Mikael B. Skov. “Working with Bounded Collaboration: A Qualitative Study on How Collaboration is Co-Constructed around Collaborative Robots in Industry” (2022) Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI). The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW’22).

EunJeong Cheon, Eike Schneiders, Kristina Diekjobst, Mikael B Skov, “Robots as a Place for Socializing: Influences of Collaborative Robots on Social Dynamics In- and Outside the Production Cell” Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI). The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW’22).

“Solidarity and Disruption (Collective Organizing In Computing II)” — co-organized with HCI/ Tech workers colleagues (Linda Huber, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, P M Krafft, Christoph Becker, Danny Spitzberg, Aakash Gautam, Margaret Hughes, Alex A Ahmed)

One full paper for NordiCHI’22 has been accepted:

Martin Lindrup, EunJeong Cheon, Mikael B Skov, Dimitrios Raptis, Rob Comber “Sustainable Foodtures: Exploring Roles of Future Technology in Sustainable Food Shopping” (2022), Proceedings of the 12th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI’ 22).

The iSchool HCI Summer Workshop was held successfully this summer on Aug. We had +50 participants and 11 speakers from UMICH, UMD, UMBC, RIT, Indiana University, U of Notre Dame, U of Toronto, U of Kentucky, Rutgers University, Penn State, CU Boulder, Cornell, U of Minnesota, Berea College, and Marquette.

Recently invited and accepted to serve as a poster chair for ACM DIS 2023 (ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference)

Shanley, L. A., Fortson, L., Berger-Wolf, T., Crowston, K., & Michelucci, P. (2021). Imagine All the People: Citizen Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Research. A Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Quadrennial Paper. Available from:

Ågerfalk, P., Conboy, K., Crowston, K., Jarvenpaa, S., Lundström, J., Mikalef, P. & Ram, S. (2022). Artificial intelligence in information systems: State of the art and research roadmap. Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS). doi: 10.17705/1CAIS.05017

Laurie Ferger

Received a grant, along with Deb Nosky, from AT&T to teach digital literacy to 120+ third to eighth grade students in the Syracuse City School Districts and at the MOST.  The three-week program concluded on August 26th with a presentation to the media, AT&T and members of the mayor’s office who are working on the new STEAM school.

Led the first-ever in-person two-week Summer College version of IT Girls. 17 students attended and learned about topics like cryptography, web development and much more.

John Jordan

Book on online video shipped to Penn State University Press. It runs 78,000 words and almost 400 footnotes to everything from AoIR to ASMR to history (impact of print in early modem Europe) to

Yiqi Li

Journal publications:

Li, Y., Bartley, N., Sun, J. & Williams, D. (2022), The larger, the fitter, the better: clans’ evolution, social capital and effectiveness, Internet Research.

Liu, W., Yang, A., Shin, J., Li, Y., Sun, J., Qu, Y., Zhen, L., Kim, H. M., & Dong, C. (2022). One earth, one humanity vs. the virus: Examining the global COVID-19 social partnership communication networks on social media. International Journal of Business Communication.

Xu, L.Z., Sargent, M., Xu, Y., Sun, J., Li, Y., & Fulk, J. (2022). The emergence of core (hash)tags and its effects on performance. Telematics and Informatics.

Li, Y. & Yang, A. (2022). Stakeholder influence, government power, and new opportunities for Chinese Internet companies: A multilevel network analysis of cross-sector networks. Public Relations Review, 3 (48), 102197.

Paper presentations:

Li, Y. (2022). Being collaborative in competitive communities of practice. Paper was presented at Sunbelt 2022, Australia, 12-16 July 2022.

Dong, C., Zhang, Y., Li, Y., Lee, E., & Chen, L. (2022). What makes nonprofit organizations (NPOs) talk transparently about their connections with businesses on Twitter? Insights from N2B network portfolios and resource dependencies Paper was presented at 72nd Annual ICA Conference, Paris, France on 26-30 May 2022.

Lee McKnight

DPS student Rand Kato presented our paper (with Profs. Prasanta Ghosh and Danielle Smith) “Applications of Blockchain Methodologies for Microgrid Energy Transactions while Maintaining User Privacy and Data Security – A Review” at SEGE 2022 (10th IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Grid Engineering) August 10-12th.

Co-organized and presented on Syracuse University Research at the inaugural Innovare Advancement Center Internet of Things (IoT) Living Lab and Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) MedTech Workshop  August 23rd 2022.  Follow-on research opportunities with the VA are under discussion.

Invited to the August 26th NIST Communications Technology Laboratory IoT Devices and Infrastructure Group (aka smart cities) Global City Team Challenge Leadership Strategy Workshop at GMU, to help define the 2023-2025 national strategy for smart communities.

Professor Danielle Smith and I visited the remote communities of Delicias and Los Angeles in Costa Rica in late May with local NGO Democracy Lab, as part of our Internet Society Foundation – funded  project to support remote connectivity during the COVID endemic pandemic. We connected a school /community which the government had failed to manage over 6 years.

Proposals were accepted for student Jane Appiah-Okyere, Prof. Smith, and I  to co-lead workshops and speak on panels and in a Town Hall meeting presenting our ‘Community Backpack Network’ research to the UN Internet Governance Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nov. 28-Dec. 2nd, in cooperation with the Africa Open Data and Internet Research Foundation, the World Bank, UN Economic Commission for Africa, and Africa Development Bank.

Megan Oakleaf

Caliper events from Leganto are now flowing from an academic library into the Unizin UDP officially as of today. It’s like the first step on the moon for library integration into institutional learning analytics. This is a direct output of my last two IMLS grants.

Presented with Heather Owen (May 2022 MSLIS grad) at the NELIG (New England Library Instruction Group) Annual Conference a workshop titled, ““Backwards Design: A Critical Approach to Instructional Design.”

Presented an ACRL session titled, “Ethical Engagement in Learning Analytics: Lessons Learned by Campus Colleagues” with librarians and higher ed learning analytics experts from the University of Michigan, UNCC, UIUC, EDUCAUSE, and EBSCO.

Received acceptances of three presentations at the IUPUI Assessment Institute in October, two for the Library Assessment Conference in November, and two (the max allowed) for the ACRL National Conference in March.

Carsten Oesterlund

“Collaborative Analytics for Reporting ESG (CARE) in Fintech” study earned a $30,000 grant from Copenhagen FinTech. Co-PIs are Cancan Wang and Yvonne Dittrich at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Presented a paper “Tracing Knowledge Production in an Online Citizen Science Project” at the After Method in Organization Studies IV (AMOS) conference in Sweden. The paper was written with Corey Jackson at U of Wisconsin, Madison, and PhD student Björn Ekström at University of Borås, Sweden.

Invited to present on citizen science research collaboration with Kevin Crowston at the REINFORCE consortium conference, Fostering citizens’ role in the advance of ground-breaking research in fundamental physics. Italy, Pisa, Sept 1-2, 2022.

Steven Sawyer

Participated with Isabel Munoz and Mike Dunn (the co-PI of our panel study) in the WAIM Workshop in Washington DC. “Upwork just did what? Studying digital platforms (or how to observe something that does not want to be observed),” Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines Workshop, 6-7 June, Washington, DC.

Presented a poster entitled, “Automated Analysis of Item Content: Influences on the Quality of Self Report Scales.”

Had a peer-reviewed chapter accepted for publication in a new Sage Handbook of Survey Development and Application.

Jennifer Stromer-Galley

Inducted as a Fellow of the International Communication Association in May. Fellows are recognized for their significant contributions to the field of communication. Fewer than 5% of ICA members are designated with this honor.

McKernan, B., Stromer-Galley, J., Korsunska, A., Bolden, S. E., Rossini, P., Hemsley, J. (2022) A human-centered design approach to creating tools to help journalists monitor digital political ads: Insights and Challenges. Digital Journalism. DOI: 10.1080/21670811.2022.2064321

With Brian McKernan, and our doctoral students Christy Khoury and Pyeonghwa Kim, we have a book chapter, “’Fake and Fraudulent’ vs. ‘An American Right’: Competing Imaginaries of the Vote in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign’, accepted in The Media and January 6th, co-edited by Daniel Kreiss, Shannon McGregor, Rebekah Tromble, and Khadijah White for Oxford University Press. Invited to present on the book chapter at a workshop in May in Canadabbia, Italy, at the Konrad Adenauer Institute.

Presented a conference paper at the International Communication Association: Stromer-Galley, J., Hemsley, J., & McKernan, B. (2022, May). Send money! Go Vote!: Political ads on Facebook by Trump and Biden during the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Paris, France.

Patent application for TRACE (our IARPA funded research project to develop methods to improve complex analysis and report writing; “Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Crowdsourcing and Evaluation” Docket no: C1897-10028US02.) has been accepted by the Patent Office. Relatedly, I got a no-cost extension for our iCorp grant to continue our customer discovery work to find ways to translate TRACE into the intelligence community. Brian and I will be traveling to DC twice this month to attend defense technology conferences to jump-start our efforts at commercialization.

Brian and I presented at iSchool Workshop on Misinformation on August 19th on “Echo Chambers, Cognitive Thinking Styles, and Mistrust? Examining the Roles Information Sources and Information Processing Play in Conspiracist Ideation”. This presentation is based on a journal article that is currently in review at a journal.

Established a partnership with States News Room, a non-profit news organization that covers 30 states’ political news to share information, data, and reports about Facebook and Instagram political advertising and micro-targeting around the mid-term elections this fall.

Lu Xiao

Journal article publications and submission:

Islam, J., Xiao, L., Mercer, R., High, S. (accepted). Tension Analysis in Survivor Interviews: A Computational Approach, Digital Studies / Le champ numérique,

Xiao, L., Lappas, T., Asante-Agyei, C. (revision submitted). A Cross-context examination of online comments’ perceived persuasion power

Kumar, A., Xiao, L. (revision submitted). Understanding Morality behind Human opinion and reasoning

Conference and workshop article publications and submission:

Li, J. F., Xiao, L. (under review). MEmoBERT: Retrofitting Multi-emotion Recognition with Hashtag Encoder, Label Correlation and Sentiment Composition

Xiao, L., Wu, Q., Soundarajan, S., & Li, J. (2022). Language Use and Susceptibility in Online Conversation. In Science and Information Conference(pp. 787-799). Springer, Cham.,

Xiao, L., & Mensah, H. (2022). How Does the Thread Level of a Comment Affect its Perceived Persuasiveness? A Reddit Study. In Science and Information Conference(pp. 800-813). Springer, Cham.,

Xiao, L., Wang, Y. Y., & Wei, X. Y. (2022). Persuasion in Audio-based Social Media: A ClubhouseInterview Study, Annual Meeting of American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)(Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, Pittsburgh, PA), Poster

Invited Research Talk 

Gave a research talk at Meta (Seattle location) on June 29. The title of my talk is “Misinformation in Social Media”. It covers several of my studies related to this topic.

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