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EverFocus’ NVIDIA Jetson-powered Edge Computers Suited to AIoT Applications –

Article By : EverFocus Electronics Corp.

Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX module, EverFocus’ eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 suits different needs for AIoT solutions.

EverFocus Electronics Corp. has launched the most compatible edge computers to step into AIoT—the eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000. Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX module, the eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 suits different needs for AIoT solutions in terms of high performance (1.33 TFLOPS with the Jetson TX2 NX).

Enclosed with the EverFocus-developed Ultraboard, the eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 incorporate multiple I/O ports and expansion interfaces within a tiny shell (84-by-102-by-54.7mm). Embedded with 4GB 128bit LPDDR4, it is also scalable for big data storage, which builds a solid foundation for AI model training and edge computing.

For centuries, railway stations have instigated the development of economy and livelihood, as they regularly load/unload goods, resources, and most of all, human beings. Where there is human management, however, there are unexpected errors out of carelessness, resulting in tremendous cost and loss. Today, EverFocus has deployed smart image analytics in Europe, America, and Asia, for the sake of management efficiency and travel safety during the pandemic. These AI solutions have successfully reduced management costs by 10% and improved safety factor by 15% for EverFocus customers.

This time, EverFocus has contextualized its AI solutions in the smart station. Connecting EverFocus IP cameras as sensors, eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 can realize real-time monitoring and notify the mission control center if any unusual events arise. Via the creation of virtual fences, it draws a second line of defense for railway invasion and loitering detection. Not only to optimize multi-stop routes within/among stations, but also to prevent the enclosed space from overcrowding and ensure physical distancing during the era of COVID-19. Besides the capacity monitoring above, to better halt the spread of the virus, eNVP-JTX-AI-UB000 also helps implement mask mandates via their accurate detection and mask recognition capabilities.

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